“Disable the purveyors”: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

By Kevin Barrett
June 28, 2012

In many countries, people who cross the line in opposing the government risk incarceration, torture, or murder.

Until recently, it was hard for American dissidents to cross that line. If they wanted to get arrested for saying something subversive, mere ideas weren’t enough; they would have to actually threaten to physically harm the President or another high official.

But the post-9/11 USA is no longer a beacon of human rights. As former President Jimmy Carter recently wrote in the New York Times, “The United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights.” In his article, Carter points out that top US officials are now openly targeting US citizens for political assassination, “disappearance”, unlimited surveillance, and other forms of gross human rights abuse.

Since we now know that a secret National Security committee is ordering the murder of American citizens, and since we know the CIA has the power to easily simulate deaths from illness and accident, we might as well assume that every time a dissident dies unexpectedly, he or she has been murdered by the US government.

Consider the chilling words of Obama’s information czar Cass Sunstein, who openly advocates that the US government should “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Sunstein’s article “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures” argues that “conspiracy theories” (by which he means the 9/11 truth movement) are so dangerous that the government should “cognitively infiltrate” 9/11 truth groups, “disable” those who spread these ideas, and possibly even make the ideas illegal.

One way to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories” is to terrorize them with death threats. This is precisely what happened recently in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

On June 13, Dr. James Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, was scheduled to speak at the University Heights Community Center in Seattle. Shortly before the event, the Community Center received a letter that read:

“Community Center, the 9/11 truth event on June 13th is going to be attacked to Kill Jim Fetzer because he says ‘Space Beams’ brought down the Twin Towers. The attack may be a bomb or fire bomb or maybe just gun fire. The Bombing may come at a future date to pay you back for supporting the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer and the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer (repeated 6 times). Kill University Heights Community Center (repeated twice) Kill you now.”

Detective Kerry Hays of the Seattle Police Department is currently investigating the case.

The Community Center hastily canceled Dr. Fetzer’s talk. Fortunately, an alternate venue was found at the last minute.

Then a few days later, a similar death threat was emailed to the owner of the Denman Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Dr. Fetzer was organizing the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings. This time, the threat named me and Press TV Canadian correspondent Joshua Blakeney as well as Dr. Fetzer. Fortunately, the theater owner was too busy hosting the event to read his email, so he did not become aware of the threat until the Hearings were over.

Death threats are one way to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Actual assassinations are another.

A long list of people who were trying to expose the truth of 9/11 have met with untimely, suspicious deaths. Barry Jennings, the deputy director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority on 9/11, appears to have been murdered after speaking publicly about explosions he witnessed that partly demolished World Trade Center Building 7 on the morning of 9/11. (The demolition of WTC-7, begun in the morning, was completed shortly after 5:20 that afternoon, after WTC owner Larry Silverstein and colleagues “made the decision to pull” the building according to Silverstein’s own statement.)

Another 9/11 truth advocate and eyewitness, Dr. David Graham of Shreveport, Louisiana, was murdered – apparently by the FBI – for writing a book about two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, who were obvious intelligence assets controlled by people at Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham was poisoned with ethelene glycol (antifreeze). The case is discussed in Sander Hicks’ new book Slingshot to the Juggernaut.

It might be objected that Jennings and Graham were murdered because they were eyewitnesses to a State Crime Against Democracy, or SCAD, not because they were dissidents. Is there any evidence that the US government (or a rogue network infiltrating it) is “disabling the purveyors” of dangerous ideas by killing or otherwise physically harming them, even if they are not eyewitnesses?

Mike Ruppert, the original leader of the 9/11 truth movement, writes that his office was attacked by microwave and/or EMF weapons after he began publishing critiques of the official story of 9/11. The attacks may have contributed to Ruppert’s poor health and distraught frame of mind, which led him to quit the 9/11 truth movement and temporarily flee the USA in 2006.

Another early 9/11 truth advocate, publisher Byron Belitsos, told me that he and many other 9/11 truth organizers in California were targeted by EMF or microwave weapons during the first years after 9/11. Belitsos says the weapons were wielded by men in plain white vans that would park in front of the victim’s house, and that victims suffered immediate and sometimes extreme health effects including headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, severe depression, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

It does seem that bad things have happened to far too many of the most trail-blazing, prestigious, and/or effective 9/11 truth leaders. Justin Raimondo, the pioneer investigator of Israeli complicity in 9/11, was warned away from the subject – and after he disregarded the warning, he suffered a severe heart attack, despite his relative youth and excellent physical condition. Since his mysterious heart attack, Raimondo has stayed away from the subject of 9/11, and has remained in good health.

David Ray Griffin, the world’s leading voice of 9/11 truth, suffered a partially-disabling stroke in the summer of 2010. While he has recovered sufficiently to continue to write and research, the stroke left him with a slight aphasia that has ended his career as a prolific public speaker.

Dr. Bob Bowman, the former head of Star Wars under two US presidents, has had his 9/11 truth efforts slowed by his struggle with cancer.

Even more tragically, the most prestigious scientist ever to take up the cause of 9/11 truth, Lynn Margulis, died of a stroke November 22, 2011. When I last spoke to Lynn, less than a year before her death, she told me she did not want to speak publicly about 9/11 any more, because “politics is too dangerous.” She sounded scared – like someone had warned or threatened her.

Steven Jones, the physics professor who was forced out of Brigham Young University for researching the demolition of the World Trade Center, was warned to stop by a “connected” colleague. Jones did the right thing: he immediately went public about the apparent threat.

Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, may have been attacked by the type of EMF or microwave weapon described by Ruppert and Belitsos. In the summer of 2009, in Washington, DC, Gage suddenly suffered vertigo and hearing loss. Activist colleagues who were present suspect some kind of covert attack. Today, Gage still suffers from the after-effects: partial loss of hearing in one ear.

Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army’s depleted uranium cleanup project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles. He described to me how he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities: “We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.” Rokke assured me that, based on his firsthand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons.

Will writing this article put me on a US government hit list? Twenty years ago, such a question would have sounded absurd. Today, with the USA becoming more of a banana republic every day, it sounds increasingly realistic.

A government that extra-judicially murders, disappears, and tortures its own citizens should clean up its own act before it criticizes other nations. The US should heed former President Carter and start obeying its own Constitution if it wants to have any credibility on human rights.

Censoring The Truth (RIP Democracy)

By Paul Baird
“Hard Evidence” Vol 7. No 4. pp 46-55
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This article contains discussion of genuine human/democratic rights and civil liberties abuses with a focus on the restrictions to justice and individual freedom occurring whenever and wherever the truth is suppressed.

Firstly, it must be said that because influential criminals do control not only the bulk of the worlds wealth but also the more effective methods of information transfer (and personal expression) it is possible for them to severely limit peoples choices through censorship of the truth. For example, if a defence department (or one of its contractors) wants to develop an invention with a military application they get the government to place a secrecy order on it thereby gaining exclusive development rights and preventing the public from speculating on how it could be misused. Anyone attempting to expose the truth will then be covertly victimised, maybe even institutionalized. Also, to silence any wealthy/influential members of the community who may have an attack of conscience over the matter they use national security legislation, defamation laws, threats of scandals etc. It’s all very neat, tight and totally undemocratic, allowing well-placed villains to dictate to us all. In fact secrecy orders are there to help governments to hide their crimes.

Another example relates to vital information connecting MP’s with vested interest groups (affiliations, contributions, secret deals and so on). As a result the public is frequently hoodwinked by politicians and those that direct them. Accordingly, the voting, lobbying and protesting decisions that people make are often badly skewed because they are not in possession of all the facts. So, instead of governments being truly open and representative of the general population they usually reflect elitist attitudes on how society should be run and make decisions that favour the influential few. The rest of us are patronized with rhetoric and lies, being expected to trust people who are clearly not worthy of our trust. The systems of accountability (including the media) are inadequate and corrupt. MP’s don’t represent the people just because they’re from the people, yet they should represent their views and ideals. Unfortunately democracy (government by the people) has become a remote notion not based in reality. It’s only talk. Equally, the media don’t inform the public or represent community standards on many issues; instead they harass and ostracise those that do; (refusing to even confront them lest their consciences be threatened by the truth). The barrier is placed there by agencies.

Our best solutions lie with our willingness to be open to the absolute truth and our demands that it be given to us. Only total disclosure will suffice as those entrusted with power are usually untrustworthy; abusing authority, opportunity and ability to make secret matters that belong in the public domain.

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Minority Rules

“Hard Evidence” Vol 6, No 4, pp 29-33, 2006.


It has become a standard cliché to declare that, on most matters and in most respects, the majority rules. However, after studying the influence and power held by those within certain minority groups you begin to understand that society is, in fact, not ruled by that principle but by a number of small vested interest groups which are largely made up of wealthy criminals. Because of this (on major issues) the only true representatives of the silent majority are often isolated activists, whistleblowers, campaigners and other marginalised figures who are neither in authority nor publicly recognizable persons, of any sort. On other matters where elected officials or famous faces do speak for the majority it’s only because it’s in their best interests to do so or it’s a distraction; an issue of little real importance. The big issues are rarely dealt with fairly, openly or honestly.

People who resent this situation (and want the truth told) are scorned, ridiculed and (sometimes brutally) silenced, thus rendering them useless to the majority. Some of the crimes and deceptions used to neutralise these people are mentioned in this article. However, one of the more general means of deception is secrecy. “They” will argue that official state secrets, the existence of high powered advanced technologies, the links between agencies, media and criminal groups and much, much more must remain hidden from public view for the purposes of national security. Of course, that argument is a transparent nonsense. The powers that be and their criminal associates know all of these things already; the only ones kept in the dark are the people. So this secrecy is part of their system of terrorism, theft and control by stealth. The truth is that all involved in any of the practices described herein are criminals and traitors to mankind itself.


    People often use clubs to exhibit extreme prejudices… In general we are all stereotyped and compartmentalised by ourselves and others based on our views, our lifestyles, our appearances and our beliefs. Some of it is nothing more than identification for the purposes of socialisation but some is far more sinister; eg criminal organisations like the Illuminati, The Club of Rome and The Mafia.

    Despite the media mafia brainwashing that tells us that we live in a free society and that conspiracy theories are mostly based on paranoia, the truth is that the world is actually run by groups who deliberately organise conspiracies to maintain control. Most such arrangements amount to major criminal activity. An illustrative example is the Illuminati. This “club” is apparently a Masonic, super rich group based in Israel and London boasting member families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Groups like this organise or foster war, terrorism and so on by secretly sponsoring the enemies of justice. They do so to control the hearts and minds of the general population whilst destroying our world for their short term gains. Those opposing them are dealt with. Such people lust after wealth and control and use their lackies to do their dirty work; corrupt politicians, agency/military madmen, the media mafia etc. They also have a total lack of conscience about their role; being blinded by the rewards. In brief, rather than working for society those plotting and planning in secret inevitably work against it thereby betraying the most important of all clubs: mankind.

    So why aren’t the laws of the land drafted in such a way as to empower honest law enforcers to deal with hidden crime at this level? Because although elected representatives draft the laws “minority” groups effectively lobby/pressure politicians to do their bidding. Also, because these politicians often really don’t have a good feel for what the general population expect/deserve, the powerful minorities (with ready access) are all the more likely to be able to present their arguments in isolation. These same secretive groups also control the mainstream media which, in turn, controls citizens views. This then determines the tenure of governments. So, the fact is that on the really big issues the truth has no chance of standing up alongside the lies because it’s hidden from view. Remember, people don’t really know this because those advocating the truth are belittled by the criminals they oppose. Naturally, criminals are only concerned with their own position and have no regard for how it affects others.
    News Nazis, political puppets, military madmen, soulless spies and a mixture of mobsters all play their part. They work in unison, for mutual advantage, maintaining a code of silence on the important issues that ought to be addressed publicly; thereby betraying most citizens. If the truth were to be known they’d all be imprisoned instead many are trusted, admired, and followed by the unsuspecting majority. Again, the same culprits work together to silence and discredit those who advocate real democratic freedoms and public disclosure of the crimes committed under the guise of “national security”. Sadly, rather than working for disclosure of the truth, television terrorists and others also monster and isolate those who try to disturb their corrupt code of silence.
    Quite simply, far more damage than good is done by secret spy/military technologies. Take, for example, advanced satellite/computer systems. Some can detect, monitor, collect and collate information at a phenomenal rate (over 220 trillion calculations per second). That information can be gleaned from other computers, private conversations/communications, even thought processes. The equipment is set up by government agencies like the DIA (US Defense Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency) in places like Fort Meade, Maryland and by the CIA etc in places like the Langley Research Centre, Richmond, Virginia. The crimes of these organisations are deliberately hidden from the public, protected, as are the technologies, by corrupt secrecy laws. This is so even when they farm out the technology and/or the information to private sector criminals. Anyone opposing/questioning this or other important matters can be placed in one of their electronic Nazi concentration camps where they are slowly killed, by stealth. Vile experiments involving brain rape, neurophone voices and directed energy weapons torture are conducted on the targets to the immense amusement of those involved including the minority elite and their goon squads.
    Audio visual surveillance and brain rape technologies yield ideas, secrets and more. Whether agency or syndicate connected, complicit writers, performers, statesmen and so on can be fed the results in any number of ways. If, like some agents, they’re agreeable they can receive someone else’s words or thoughts directly via neurophone input (subliminally or audibly). This, like inputting ideas whilst someone is asleep, allows the thief/harasser to delude themselves about how they obtained the information.

    Similarly, reading off an autocue allows TV/radio presenters to distance themselves from the theft/harassment they are affecting when large sections of that material is mixed/matched/inserted (via computer) from surveillance results. Unfortunately, like the spy agencies, the military, politicians and big “business”, the mass media mostly attracts and accepts people with limited compassion, social conscience and integrity. If they’re asked to do something wrong they rarely hesitate knowing that they cannot be questioned or caught and that their “jobs” depend on it. The hypocrisy of this is that publicly they “ACT” as if they they’re caring, responsible people and there are many deceived by that.

    Media brainwashing sets things up so that psychiatrists can be used to discredit those targeted by the technologies involved. By failing to acknowledge that spies and connected criminals use high tech equipment the psych “professionals” can dismiss all victims complaints and label them as paranoid etc.. Eg they’ll say that people getting remote messages or feedback from the mass media are delusional, that people hearing voices are schizophrenic and that anyone claiming to be persecuted using remote technologies of any sort must be paranoid. They dutifully apply these diagnoses and often institutionalise the targets. Personally I believe that many of them realise what they’re doing but are too selfish/evil to care. In this respect they rank with politicians and journalists. And the worst amongst them are actively involved in destroying decent people to cover for their corrupt masters. In other words, they work for/with corrupt agencies and other criminals before, during and after their foul experiments.

    It seems to me that if there were any honest psychiatrists we would be better served if they were able to apply themselves to dealing with bureaucratic control freaks, megalomaniacs and corporate fraudsters who, as part of the ruling minority, prey on the rest of society. They do so whilst “acting”, of course, but they’re outside the reach of the law (as the system stands) and so their power lust goes unchecked. If psychiatrists must meddle with their quackery (to justify their existence) why don’t they ever tackle such real problems. The answer, as always, is self interest.


    The ruling minority mould society to suit their purposes through brainwashing; propaganda and mushrooming. Again, anyone who questions their actual motives or the truth behind the facades is crushed quietly but thoroughly. Some of the more sinister, oppressive means of doing this involve the use of advanced satellite/computer systems of which the public is unaware. A few of these are:-

    • ECHELON SATELLITE SYSTEMS… these are NSA systems designed to monitor ALL telecommunications worldwide scanning for persons “of interest”.
    • AUDIO-VISUAL SATELLITE MONITORING… these target public figures and citizens “of interest”, 24/7.
    • TRANSECTOR DEVICES… these effect the satellite location, tracking etc of targets (eg US Pat #4893815 16/1/90 L. ROWAN).
    • NEUROPHONE SYSTEMS… these allow the satellite or microwave transmissions of voices etc directly to the brain of targets (eg US Pat # 3393279 16/7/68 P. FLANAGAN and US Pat #3647970 7/3/72 P. FLANAGAN).
    • BRAINWAVE ANALYSERS… these allow satellite brainwave scanning or neural monitoring plus electronic brain link ups with thought – deciphering computer software (eg US Pat #6011991 1/4/00 A. MARDIROSSIAN)
    • DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS… these are too numerous to list but they allow destruction, movement of objects, personal illness, debilitation, even death (eg US Pat # 5123899 23/6/92 J.GALL & US Pat #5289439 22/2/94 J. GALL allowing control of consciousness/moods of the target).

    Again, defence of the official secrecy surrounding these technologies is patent nonsense. N.B. properly applied, these technologies could wipe out terrorism, war, crime etc. They’re clearly not being used for that purpose but abused to hurt ordinary citizens. It’s all completely indefensible, that’s the real reason why it’s never discussed openly.


    The technologies just listed allow for many crimes/deceptions as well as illegal human experiments. Some of these are as follows:-

      Obviously covert torture can be carried out on targets in remote locations or situations without the need for the sort of criminal harassment that might leave evidence. Many writers, whistleblowers and human rights campaigners are marginalised, discredited and destroyed in this manner.
      Many well known, published writers work for covert agencies and other criminals. By monitoring those people that the ruling minority wants silenced (people who think freely and honestly) they not only marginalize them but they also steal every idea at its source (ie straight from their minds before the thought is spoken let alone written). They also oppress monitored targets by feeding their own words back to them through the insertion of those words/ideas/”coincidences” into the corruptible medias scripts. This provides a double-barrelled attack on victims and halves the workload for “ghost”/spy writers who need to keep providing material and harass targets at the same time. Effectively, this way, the target helps harass themselves in a cruel, criminal game of cat and mouse. This is a very common practice.

      Notably, targets react in different ways (at different times)… Some targets continue to produce ideas, falling for the fame trap, misinterpreting the maliciousness of all of this because public figures are involved. Some fall apart; believing others (not just public figure criminals) are in on it. Some believe they are inspiring thoughts and changes and so are prepared to endure a lack of privacy for their influence. Whatever the position at whatever time, all targets are victims of one of the cruelest most criminal systems of oppression ever devised.

      Remember that invasion of a persons own mind (an unimaginably evil crime in itself) allows ideas to be passed to complicit writers (of any sort) directly or indirectly. Again, one indirect method is the voluntary acceptance of neurophone input which relays others thoughts. This could be done subliminally, using silent sound during sleep/dreams, or audibly. This would also allow those thieving material to defend any accusation because they have had no contact with those transferring the thoughts/ideas or the victim and can consciously call the thoughts their own.

      Many let their egoes and imaginations block their minds on this one.
      Remember that surveillance results/frequencies can be fed to the media leading to almost instantaneous live-to-air feedback if the target is tuned in. So, the gullible, observing media “coincidences”, could come to believe that they are psychic. This is worse when mind reading/neurophone input makes one person receive another person’s thoughts subliminally (equally the monitors know what events they are about to stage, what news/scripts are about to be presented and can feed you that subliminally). Therefore, in reality, the only real psychic experiences are the result of electronic telepathy. In other words, they’re scams arranged courtesy of meddling by military/agency/criminal perps who are stealing, experimenting, deceiving and worse. Intuition and experience form all other explanations (the mind is a powerful instrument) even in the case of dreams or so-called “premonitions”. In fact if targets are involved the future (as planned by monitors) can even be fed into their dreams/thoughts. It’s all a trick and many are monitored without their knowledge.
      Similarly people who honestly believe they’ve heard/seen ghosts or seen objects move across a room or “know where the bodies are buried” are victims/dupes. They prop up the covers for what’s really going on by relaying their eerie tales in a vivid, convincing manner, because they’re convinced themselves. The truth is it’s all military or agency nonsense designed to manipulate people. Media entertainment focusing on all of this would be harmless fun but for the fact that many believe in the paranormal as a result. The presenters know that man-made hoaxing is rife but the public aren’t given that knowledge and so many form their opinions based on limited information. The truth is most “supernatural” experiences are wrongly recorded or staged and the rest are errors of one sort or another.
      Remember, using mind reading and neurophone technologies a non verbal conversation can be conducted. If you have no knowledge of that fact and are mesmerized by drugs (administered without your consent) as well as being presented with a high tech “show” (involving military “spaceships” and costumed “aliens”) you could be forgiven for falling for this trick. It’s usually a warning, an experiment or propaganda (often all three). As with other scams criticised here, I personally don’t believe in anything except heaven and earth and the place the perps will end up. Like provoked/allowable terrorism, alien fairytales foster public approval of an obscene waste of vast amounts of government (and private) money; wasted on weapons of war, space research etc. And most of the funds end up being spent on even more evil technologies (such as those mentioned previously) rather than actual searches for so-called extraterrestrials. Now, certainly radio telescopes and deep space listening devices exist but many more viewing/listening devices are aimed at the earth; tormenting easy targets.
      Many “madmen” are “triggered” by remote controlling mechanisms made available to military and agency organisations. Moods, physical pain levels, thought processes and so on can be created and altered via satellite using various secret technologies. For example, when neurophone voices are transmitted into the head of a potentially violent person disaster can follow; especially if they’re also stupid enough to really believe what the transmissions tell them. Oklahoma city bomber, Timothy McVeigh and the Port Arthur massacre perpetrator, Martin Bryant were both provoked and set up by various agency scum who wanted to create disquiet and raise certain issues on behalf of their masters; our minority rulers. The fact is that these manipulators not only caused these events and many more but they could prevent most similar occurrences if they wanted to, using their surveillance capabilities for good instead of evil.

      Unfortunately the evil minority profits from war, terrorism, carnage and the insecurity and misery they create. Tens of millions of lives could be lost in a war (eg WWII) and these creatures just reap the rewards without a thought for their fellow man, so it’s not surprising that tragedies like the New York twin towers disaster are not only staged but then used. By used I mean used to direct public opinion where they want it to go; to accept reductions in civil liberties, to foster suspicion/hatred of certain ethnic/religious groups etc etc.

      Because the powers that be can now listen, watch, talk, harm etc from remote locations (including satellites) experiments in controlling peoples actions, thoughts, opinions etc are constantly being conducted. Much of it involves media deception (as it always has) but they also stimulate and analyse dreams, provoke and manouvre combatants, use human thoughts for artificial intelligence/robotics research, and even carry out cloning studies. Many missing persons or “alien abductees” are also used in illegal government studies.

      The public would overwhelmingly oppose any and all of this if they knew but they cannot because they are not told. In turn, those who know and do not try to tell the public are traitors to mankind itself. Nobody’s career (or life) is more important. Individually and/or collectively public figures should make a stand but they do not because they have been desensitised, dehumanised and bastardized courtesy of the processes of selection and the system they work within. Equally, to ensure this works, they are all warned not to talk to their victims or people working to raise awareness on the issues in question.


      Military power brokers and spy masters are behind all of this. These in turn are working for the minority elite. They target people who know the ugly truth as well as those who can be used as “remote-controlled” assassins, terrorists, etc. They also very effectively cover up the whole thing by manipulating puppets on the world stage through the control they exert over the worldwide, mainstream media. However, to victims those puppets display their master’s real paranoia by their reactions to the words/actions of whistleblowers and others who try to alert the majority to the truth. Meanwhile they use terrorism etc to tighten their grip on society.

      The media are more likely to cover up and condition/brainwash the public with things like paranormal/psychic/alien stories and so-called reality TV, making us gullible acceptors of the surveillance society yet to be fully revealed. Also, the media never present the truth on major crime or the really big issues because they are controlled by those responsible. Again, these same people control the surveillance technologies which could all but wipe out major crime but they choose instead to use it to protect themselves from questions, exposure and imprisonment. They do so by training their covert, anti-personnel weaponry on those promoting the truth, to silence and destroy them. The law enforcement agencies are powerless to stop this as they are understaffed, underresourced, undertrained and under the direction of the same government bodies which facilitate and foster the relevant crimes and oppression.

      New methods of covert oppression are being discovered all the time. While the laws (and law enforcers) are made to lag behind these advances honest, decent people will be secretly purged from “society” and given no opportunity to publicly address the big issues. Even critical statements from publicly recognizable bodies like the UN (UNIDIR), The European Parliament and the International Red Cross have not been reported openly where covert torture/oppression mechanisms have been highlighted so what chance do isolated groups or individuals have. This veil of secrecy is a disgraceful, treacherous means of dismissing the views of the vast majority of the worlds citizens but again, even if it was raised then new methods would take their place. So whilst the weapons used are of concern the mentality that fosters their use is of even greater concern. The selfish, superior, suppressive and secretive attitude of our minority “rulers” are the real problem. It is the criminal thinking that allows one group of people to believe they are better than others and so have the right to mistreat them. If no one thought that way it couldn’t happen. And it’s not just atheists or those believing life is some incidental by product of a big bang (caused by no one or nothing in particular) who are to blame. Anyone who can dismiss in their minds and hearts the significance of hurting their fellow human beings (and the consequences) is a potentially dangerous creature.

      Whilst basic human nature can be used as an excuse these attitudes are taught and are difficult to change so people should be taught otherwise in the first place. Community education on moral and ethical values should encompass the need to face and embrace the truth on all matters, the need to attain and maintain a high level of good character and the acceptance of the common humanity of all people. The extent to which such idealism is rejected or mocked by those who only pay lip service to what is right is the extent to which criminals and hypocrites now rule our societies. Such evil cannot be eradicated but it could be minimized if genuine efforts were made to engender our youth with the necessary values through education, role modeling and so on. For example, current efforts by governments to teach children to respect authority only serve the whole community if those taking on responsibilities (in public and private life) behave in a manner worthy of that respect. If authority figures do not exhibit integrity, morality and goodwill but instead seek control through personal opportunism then they betray the community. You are then looking at concealing their crimes when you ask people to respect them, regardless. You can respect their rights and not respond criminally yourself but the veil of respectability should be lifted before genuine respect is expected of anyone. To do otherwise is to foster corruption and this is what our society has been doing for many decades. Everything should be transparent and everyone accountable. No deceptions. No exceptions. Unless and until this is achieved you might as well ask an honest, informed citizen to believe in Santa Claus as to expect him or her to place their faith in authority figures who are clearly corruptible.

      Now, walking alongside the corruptible we have others who are also part of the problem. These are the apathetic self-servers who may not partake in crimes themselves but are quite happy to assist those that do if it suits their purpose. The principles brought to mind by symbols like national flags and anthems (equality, integrity, justice and freedom) are just words, things to hide behind, for the criminal and his accomplices. Their hearts and minds don’t envelop anything but self promotion and deception. And those agreeing to the secrecy surrounding the major betrayals going on today are in no ethical/moral position to judge what the public should or should not know because they are blinded by corruption. The only acceptable option is total disclosure. Only then could majority rule deliver equality, fair play, justice etc. It’s totally unacceptable for vested interested groups (incl. the media, churches, governments, etc.) to talk about free speech, democracy etc yet be prepared to condone and/or commit crimes when it suits them; crimes against those speaking the truth on something that they want hidden.

      Further to the “friendship/mateship” issue… Those associating with criminals must realise that major issues such as human rights, public accountability and truth in reporting are not going to be dealt with while they support criminals for their own personal gain. Those not against them are for them and so their associates betray us as well. The media in particular are controlled controllers who set the agenda, cover the truth on major matters and distract us with bread and circuses, beer and skittles, hoo-ha and hoopla. For example, many tens of thousands of people die every day due to war, disease, famine and so on yet our emotions are more likely to be focused on isolated acts of terrorism and madness (occasionally) and mundane “cat up a tree” type matters (often) as well as celebrity gossip etc. Even when major events are covered (such as acts of terrorism) there is no reference to the real causes or the real culprits. Everything is presented so as to foster certain beliefs, to hide, to scapegoat and to deceive. Anyone involved in that process is, to one degree or another, a traitor. Once again, there is only one acceptable scenario: the truth in all things. And make no mistake, the agencies and their connections will, like Satan himself, use mockery and more to silence all talk of doing what is right with a “you’re playing God” taunt. It’s a cheap trick.

      Since few of us maintain our youthful idealism the sort of morality/ethics we all need to accept the truth can often be lost, especially by those lured by promises made by our minority rulers. Corrupted minds are more likely to promote criminal attitudes or, at least, to accept them; especially in “business” dealings. Such people then bully/harass others into silence or apathy thus removing any obstacles to their criminal empires. To complete the argument, one long term answer is community/youth education; so that there are too many strong willed people of integrity for them to ignore or destroy. At the moment it is all too easy for them to select corruptible persons for influential or authoritative community roles in the media, government, bureaucracy etc. We also need laws and law enforcers to deal with the sort of technological evil referred to in this piece. That can only happen if the balance between good and evil is shifted. Since evil cannot present itself as such but must hide (as our public villains do) they could not openly oppose any suggestion that society, in general, needs to have certain values re-emphasised if it is to avoid eventual deterioration. Maybe if we can somehow encourage that we may one day breed enough people of good character to deal with the problems generated by the criminal minority who rule our world.

Nazis of the New World Order

Big Brother in the 21st Century
by Paul Baird
Exposure Vol 7 #2 May-June 2000 pp 32-34


Most people are aware of the vast computer databases kept by government departments, covert agencies and corporate entities. Many know that DNA databases, retina scans, handprint scans and such are becoming more commonplace. However, few know of the more advanced technologies used to monitor them RIGHT NOW!

Phone tapping, closed circuit monitoring and other security or law enforcement surveillance is not questioned where it is “warranted” (to solve or prevent crime). Nevertheless, covert agencies and their criminal contacts use more sinister and advanced technologies to monitor “others”. Unfortunately those “others” include law enforcers, public figures and those opposing activities like drug trafficking, arms build ups/sales, political manipulation and planetary degradation.

The Problems We All Share
The major concern is the NSA’s global spy system (called Echelon). This system employs computer/satellite technologies so advanced that they can intercept and analyse EVERY phone call, fax, E-mail, telex and computer data message. EVERY SINGLE ONE…WORLDWIDE.

The agency computers can scan ALL satellite, microwave, cellular, and fibre-optic contacts, looking for the key words/phrases contained in their computer “dictionary”. If they find any, the communication is highlighted for agency operatives and you may gain “special attention” (See the next heading).

Notably, Martin Brady, of Australia’s Defence Signals Directorate, has publicly admitted Australia’s role in this monitoring. Technology once used against the Soviets is now used against us, with the sanction of our own governments.

Ask yourself how long international terrorism, crime syndicates and the like would survive if this system were made available to honest law enforcers. Instead, those accessing it (CIA, the Mafia etc.) use it to protect their operations, (such as the drug trade), and spy on their opponents.

Those Who Draw Special Attention
Because of intercepted communications (especially lobbying) the following are very closely monitored: Whistle-Blowers, Anti-nuclear activists, Anti-drugs campaigners, outspoken religious figures, as well as organisations like Amnesty International, Greenpeace and The International Red Cross. Some prominent public figures also feature in this category.

Whether they realise it or not, most of these are monitored around the clock on a real time audio/visual basis, courtesy of satellite systems developed by defence contractors in the US. Even handwritten material prepared indoors can be immediately accessed under this system. There is NO PRIVACY.

The Mass Media Role
It’s said “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. However, if corrupt sections of the mass media are controlled by the Mafia/CIA (and they are) then surveillance results can be “used”; especially if the frequencies of the monitoring signals are made available to the media who can “tune in” using their powerful communications equipment. Public figures can be warned through surfacing scandals. Non-Public figures can receive subtle media feedback; referencing things said or done in private in a “careful” manner. In these ways the mainstream media can oppress political targets. Much of what they gather is never used publicly, only privately. It is this information which gives them much of their power.

Remember that much of what and who we are (and what we believe) is carefully influenced by media presentation/propaganda. To control the population “they” must control the media to some extent. Government secrecy provisions, oaths and sanctions help the common interests of media owners and other controllers are very interesting indeed..

Examples of media suppression, for instance, include the very technologies being discussed here. Firstly, people know there are satellite systems capable of tracking vehicles, which are police “tagged” but they are ignorant of the previously mentioned audio/visual monitoring systems and the systems mentioned in the next section.

Equally, people accept that regulations require them to have certain pets implanted with microchips but they have no idea that the head of NATO’s non-lethal weapons initiative, John Alexander, also wants all humans implanted, at birth.

Those Not Silenced By Special Attention
These are usually people without high profile contacts. They are the ones subjected to remote/experimental technologies like infrasound laser weapons (inducing illnesses/pain via remote satellite), neurophones (delivering verbal, threats, noises etc.), silent subliminals (such as were used on Iraqi troops during the Gulf War) and brain wave scanners (enabling actual mind reading). These are terrible technologies available only to agencies and defence personnel. Their use is a gross violation of human rights.

Many in public life know that there are millions targeted yet they do nothing. Some, like corrupt politicians, journalists and “businessmen”, are complicit; even selecting targets. An exchange of favours if you like.

Example 1. The Neurophone (USPatent 3393279, 1968) This is a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. A directional (satellite) laser or microwave aimed at the body allows a signal to travel the targets nervous system directly to the brain. Only the target hears the voices, sound etc. The CIA and US Military intelligence are the main faciliators of this mode of torture but others do have access to it.

For those aware of this technology (such as ex government agents or knowledgeable whistle blowers) the constant torment of loud threats, noise etc is bearable though very annoying. However, for others it’s a confusing journey towards being discredited and institutionalised. The symptoms mirror those of mental illness and one word to the wrong medico or state police officer and you’re committed. This is their goal. It is called political psychiatry and it’s their favourite method for silencing people who know too much.

How does it work? Well the 3D holographic sound of the neurophone can make the voices appear to be coming from any direction the operator intends. (Remember from the last section that the operative probably has an audio/visual feedback available in real-time). So, some are deceived into believing the sound comes from switched off TV’s or radios. Others hear it as “ghosts” or “voices from God” whilst some have had “encounters with telepathic aliens” or “invisible” agents. Worse still some have had been triggered to commit acts of violence by “Satan” or the “laughter/comments” of strangers around them. More times than not, the victim is sane and these deceptions are AGENCY TRICKS USING NEUROPHONE TECHNOLOGIES. But openly or subliminally applied, assassinations, suicides etc. can be effected by using these technologies on the unwary and susceptible.

In the same manner, visual holograms, blurred vision and so on can be effected using satellite lasers aimed at tracked human targets. Little wonder that this valuable system of oppression and manipulation has been shrouded in secrecy for over forty years, since its invention in 1958. They have ways to quieten opponents aside from using the media and one day these methods may, like the ECHELON system, affect all of us.

Example 2 Brain Wave Scanners (US Government Classified)
These can be hidden in a computer screen or wall, but the most powerful are satellite mounted and can track a target whilst scanning the magnetic field around his/her head.

One use is EEG cloning where the patterns evident when you are angry or sad or fearful etc. can be fed back in an attempt to influence your emotional/psychological state.

Another, more effective and frightening, use of brain wave scanners occurs when EEG results are relayed to US Government facilities where the actual thoughts of the target can be interpreted, instantaneously. This is done by a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary. The program was developed through extensive trials on a group of volunteers (aka the CIA’s LSD experiments decades ago). All the public knows is that stroke victims can think words onto a screen using the thought-activated movement of a computer cursor.

The combined use of brain wave scanning and neurophone technology allows a non-verbal, remote interrogation or torture to be carried out by agency personnel (sitting at a terminal thousands of miles away). Such techniques clearly helped to end the cold war but can the victors be trusted not to use them against their own people. Obviously not. I’m sure their experiments in control are also facilitating advances in artificial intelligence using data gained from “silent” interactions with human minds. I’m equally sure that psychic phenomena and “coincidences” concerning intellectual property can be arranged using brain-scanning technologies.

If computer advancements eventually allow EVERY citizen to be brain wave scanned constantly (like the complete monitoring of the ECHELON communications system) then the “thought policing” of the New World Order will make life unbelievably oppressive and anything but democratic. Even with the progressive monitoring system now in place, those most likely to interfere with criminals are easily tagged. Imagine if thoughts themselves are suppressed. Censorship could take place at the ideas stage; before writing, submission etc. Credit for ideas, inventions and strategies would always go to one of “their” people. Only those “in” with them would profit, only those who questioned nothing would escape scrutiny. And no military or federal law enforcement agency would assist; for political reasons.


Because politicians are our elected representatives only they can (ultimately) help. Nevertheless, they will not do so without prompting. The media/Mafia/CIA connection can ruin anyone’s career just as, in fact, it made many of them in the first place. It’s an unpleasant truth but ignoring it won’t change it. Many in public life simply cannot be trusted.

Therefore, I urge the readers of this article to make contact with the representatives of humanitarian organisations and ask them to pressure governments to act. For instance, Amnesty International, The International Red Cross and the UN should all help. The first two should expand their mandates and policies to enable them to oppose those responsible for the relevant human rights abuses. The UN needs to establish a Satellite committee and allow weapons inspectors to inspect NASA (et al) payloads for non-lethal weaponry such as neurophones and brain wave scanners.

This article contains a clear warning. Please don’t ignore it.

Microwave Mind Control: Modern Torture and Control Mechanisms eliminating Human Rights and Privacy
by Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD
September 25, 1999

Microwave Mind Control

Microwave Mind Control

Microwave Mind Control

Microwave Mind Control

Microwave Mind Control

Microwave Mind Control

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics
Dr Rauni Kilde
SPEKULA 3rd Quarter October 23, 1999

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics

Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, and Cybernetics

Social Engineering – Crimes Against Humanity

By Paul Baird
“Hard Evidence” pp25-32, Vol 2, No 1, 2002


For as long as there have been leaders running our world communities there have been formalised processes designed to encourage conformity, even subservience. Whether they be religious, legal, political or peer group leaders, even glorified role models, it is all the same…with respect to morality, manners, methods and attitudes we are guided by these “leaders” to adopt certain acceptable behaviour patterns and views. However, once you recognise who does the real guiding you begin to understand who and what really controls our modern societies. It is not always our apparent leaders but those that they, in turn, answer to that influence us…and their motives are not always good ones. For example, organised crime is rife in politics, business, entertainment etc.

Putting aside local teachers, community leaders etc I will focus on the bureaucratic, political, business and entertainment ranks. The basis of the problem is that these include criminal/agency infiltrators who warp the social framework to suit themselves. Other leaders around them are either complicit or else they acquiesce (likewise for law enforcers). These people are our real social engineers and they are unfortunately above the law.


Propaganda spread courtesy of a controlled mainstream media goes further than subliminal advertising (see the attached schedule of patents) and biased reporting. Those executives, presenters and so on who are recruited by agency/criminal contacts, either before or after attaining their positions, hide their secret agendas well. Vested interests dictate at every level in public life. The reader must realise this and dismiss the propaganda and carefully programmed notions, which these people plant. Control the media and you control the world has more than an element of truth to it. You need to question the information upon which you base your own views.

For example, people whose activities really should be opened up to public scrutiny are often portrayed positively to preserve their reputation and usefulness. Many are just good actors who deceive their acquaintances as well as the public. Many of our more popular celebrities are, in fact, criminals. In the age of the real “Big Brother” there is little the media don’t know but they’re corruptible and choose to only present a small portion of the information at their disposal. The rest they “use” as instructed.

Also, the timing, tone and content of that information which is presented is often tainted. This includes the common, but little known practise of surveillance feedback. Under this oppressive system genuine details are spliced with the results of covert surveillance to harass those viewers who challenge criminals in high places. The resulting coincidences are carefully presented so as to avoid prosecution whilst targeting writers, lobbyists and so on who oppose dishonesty and the suppression of information. These whistleblowers and campaigners are alienated and discredited using secretive methods like surveillance feedback. This is done effectively because those not vetted out of the prominent ranks deny that such things happen, so there are no decent, powerful people to complain to. Accusations are dismissed as paranoia.

If cornered on all of this, the relevant media identities would quote national security provision, oath acts, defamation laws and other convenient excuses for participating (instead of helping the victims). But their reasoning is lame. They are willing partners in the social engineering process, exchanging our rights for their fame/fortune. In other words, they sell us out by their obedience and silence. They are the reason you don’t know about any of this.


Whether it be the Mossad, M16, the CIA or even our own ASIS criminals, suppression of information and misinformation are the primary functions of these overstaffed (post cold war) operations. For example, censorship is thought of as the function of boards which sift out or rate movies, songs, etc. which are thought unsuitable for certain sections of the public. Explicit sex and violence are the official targets (targets all too often totally missed) but unofficially the agencies’ spies prevent publication/airing of material that would actually benefit the general public. This is information dealing with blatant corruption and sanctioned crimes carried out by powerful/protected criminals. It also covers the technologies and systems of terrorism/tyranny used by governments. You, as a taxpayer, fund all of this but you are not entitled to know how the money is spent. In extreme cases, a “D” notice is used (in Australia) to stop publication of writings covering such matters. Whistleblowers who are honest, decent and caring enough to breach such criminal attempts to silence them have actually been incarcerated for their trouble by repressive governments masquerading as democratically elected representatives of the people. Justice today is often just a meaningless word.

Others, whose writings never enter the public domain, are covertly tortured and harassed for trying to exercise their “democratic” rights to free speech/thought/expression. An example of how this affects the reader can be found in the instance of historical records. Historians can get government grants to write a story the way “they” want it told, with Co-operative editors’ assistance. Unfortunately, because people tend to believe what’s in black and white and question anecdotal evidence to the contrary this is a very effective method of influencing public perceptions.
Another example is the use of a political candidate, seeking preselection to run for a parliamentary seat. That person must conform with party policy, which, in turn, is strongly influenced by senior party members and their “business” contacts. These puppeteers dictate absolutely on issues like drugs, arms and green policies. Oppose their views and you are out. This is fundamental in a system where only two parties have a realistic chance of victory. That is not democracy but a sham. What of minor parties? Independents? Lobbyists? If they provide too much resistance they can be harassed and silenced…covertly and not just through the media.


It is now public knowledge that the Echelon satellite system monitors all telecommunications worldwide. It highlights (for agency operatives) those of interest to agencies. It is a US system for hire. It searches not for criminals (as it should) but the opponents of criminals. (If it were used properly, Terrorism, arms and drug trading etc. could be wiped out. But of course, there is too much money involved). People of interest are then placed under round-the-clock audio/visual satellite surveillance. Again the results from the IRIS system etc. are for sale or interception (especially by the media). The media can feed it back to the targets if they choose to or are persuaded to do so.
Modern day spies use these technologies to monitor us and each other (esp. public figures). Traditional financial, emotional, on-the-ground type methods are still in evidence but are becoming rarer. Class warfare leaves us with prominent citizens who are either complicit or too self-absorbed to help the victims. Sadly, information is power and despite what you are told, the people have very little of either.


(See the schedule of patents)
Some of the secret technologies mentioned here have been used for over 50 years. The victims, today, are usually political targets. However, in the fifties the CIA LSD experiments used uni students. Other, even more shameful, experiments included the annihilation of psychiatric patients and homeless people during early nuclear tests. Man’s inhumanity to man again is in evidence.
Today there are a number of US patented devices, which actually facilitate the influencing of human thought process from remote locations. These incorporate satellite/computer technologies, which you are completely unaware of. They do not involve traditional hypnotic or brainwashing techniques but work via electrical impulses input into the brain via satellite lasers etc.
Notably, the elderly (especially in nursing homes), the mentally unstable, the incarcerated and the young (even the unborn) are among the most vulnerable in our community. When starting illegal human experiments these are often the first chosen. They are helpless and easily disbelieved; some even have political enemies. In the case of the young there have no doubt been some poor souls subjected to “womb to tomb” studies which Dr Mengele himself would have envied. It is insane monsters like him who are also behind the whole New World Order idea. Those not in tune with “their” way of thinking will be dealt with. Their favoured method is the use of non-lethal weapons.
A specific example of one of these devices is the Neurophone. It has been used on a limited cross section of the community for many years. In fact, information on this device has been classified/suppressed for over forty years. A description of the technology will explain why. A Neurophone converts sound into electrical impulses, which can then be directed at the tracked target using ground-based emitters, which bounce beams off geo-synchronous orbiting satellites. (Alternatively microwaves can be used in a similar fashion). The impulses travel your nervous system from the point of impact to the brain, bypassing the ears. Only the target hears it (despite who may be in the path of the laser beam) because we all have unique bioelectrical resonance frequencies in our brains. The EMP brain stimulation is encoded for that purpose. What is heard is what is transmitted: audible voices, music, computer tapes/conversation etc. There is no need for any direct contact; no wire, no electrodes, not even a trespasser on your property. The system is satellite based. Defence/agency whistleblowers join the list of victims at this point.
What does it mean for social engineering? A target can be threatened, disorientated or deceived without the risks associated with physical confrontation; no chance of identifying the perpetrator, no police intervention and no lawsuits. There is no evidence. Only defence department scanners can prove what’s happening and the military will not intervene to help against government agencies. In addition to this (and worse) is a system of utterly horrendous potential which allows satellites to scan the magnetic field around the head of tracked targets and feed the brainwave patterns to computers so powerful (with a proven brainwave vocabulary developed through research) that they can instantaneously interpret the thoughts of millions of people. The fact that the reader finds this astounding is just another example of how thoroughly you have been mushroomed and misled. Contrary to popular belief the human mind, though more capable of unique solutions and ideas, is not more powerful than US Defence Department computers. These can operate at over 20 billion bits/sec each, compared to your brain’s mere 5,000 bits/sec. When there are enough of these to cover the entire world population, like the ECHELON telecommunications interception system, the thought police will rule the world absolutely. Just pray you are dead by then.

Aside from providing illegal research material for thought-enhanced robotics and the possible microchipping of clones (and the rest of us) the study of remotely influencing people’s thoughts and actions is their principal purpose. Political targets are chosen for these studies because they are real life “loose cannons” that “they” want silenced, permanently. Make no mistake. This is a full on social control system that operates TODAY. Agency personnel even infiltrated the medical/psychiatric professions, actually introducing terms like “paranoid schizophrenia” to successfully discredit those victims who complain. Political psychiatry is an effective tool for discrediting whistleblowers worldwide.


Firstly, take another belief held by the majority of US citizens: that there are alien life forms out there. Government/Media “statisticians” tell them that is so. Media/Entertainment figures reinforce this belief. NASA uses this to boost spending through congress (money actually spent mostly on the secretive earth-focussed satellite programs) and the military play “bad cop”, denying it all, competing for funds yet remaining happy to boost their own stockpile of secret and not-so-secret weapons (up to and including Star Wars weapons). By the way, it was this very topic which was the focal point of my covertly banned novel, “In the Year 2252″, lampooning the deceptions and betrayals which they subject us to. The following is similar.

So, to illustrate, suppose an anti-war or anti-drugs campaigner starts lobbying heavily; writing/campaigning in a manner that’s causing concern. Her efforts are first noticed through the ECHELON system and later, the audio/visual viewing of the prominent people she contacts (and then herself). She must be silenced but she’s a US citizen, living in a democracy where executive orders are supposedly banned; restricted to more serious matters. The bizarre scenario unfolds as follows…. One night, while she works late (her husband long since abandoning her and their two children because of the harassment that her lobbying draws), her children are woken from their bed by “aliens” who communicate with them “telepathically”. The children are sedated and placed in the alien’s spaceship where they are implanted with microchips before being released, sometime later. The mother finds them dazed, confused and frightened.

The media coverage (if any) travels the anticipated line but the public is undecided. Regardless, the mother gets the message. The threat has worked. She will never speak out again as long as she lives.

Meanwhile, x-rays, discreetly ordered by the mother, who was smart enough not to over-react (and wind up totally discredited) reveal that the children were NOT implanted (so there is no evidence) only cut and stitched to make it look that way. She also correctly suspects that the “aliens” were suited-up agency minions, using drugs to cloud the tired children’s perception. So what of the “spaceship”? Probably some previously unsighted, military prototype secreted in hidden underground hangers. The “telepathic” abilities were undoubtedly provided courtesy of the brain scanning/neurophone technologies mentioned earlier. These effectively allow non verbal communication. In other words, it was all a government sham. One of many. And all conveniently blamed on a nonexistent “alien” threat.

Notably, the opportunity to carry out illegal human research is also provided by such incidents. Incidentally, where in the past real implants have been inserted no doctor has been allowed to remove them (as this would provide evidence and relief for the target). Many times operations have been stopped mid-stream by government agents. Patriotism, secrecy provisions, oath acts, threats…whatever it takes to ensure they get their evil way. They’ll use it as an excuse. And there are just as many of these “monsters” today as ever. They’re just better protected.
Those “alien believers” scoffing at this may mention photographs, eyewitness accounts (verified under hypnosis/polygraph examination). They may also refer to ancient carvings, cave paintings and the like. Without being too rude these people are deceived/deluded. I’m not saying that people don’t see and experience “something” but they are deceived as to its true source /meaning. As for historical accounts… fabrications have littered those at every level since time began. Misinformation is just as effective as suppression of information as a means of making you believe what “they” want you to believe. For instance, I know a man who swears he saw dead aliens at Roswell. If he had, and they didn’t want people knowing, he’d be dead. He was deceived and is now used. The flow of information is more controlled than you think and your beliefs are affected by that.


The use of satellite-based technologies (such as the ones mentioned in the attached schedule), especially the neurophone and brain-scanners, can facilitate countless deceptions. Psychic experiences involving ghosts, religious encounters with God, personal psychic abilities, all of these can be faked using the available technologies. And the person having the experience is just as likely to be the dupe as the deceiver. Not surprisingly the targets are usually connected in some way to something or someone “political” The effectiveness of the incident(s) being similar to the earlier illustration. That is not to say there are no legitimate “experiences” at all (just as there are genuine schizophrenics) but MOST are staged incidents or set-ups.

A perhaps even more worrying application is the ample anecdotal evidence that seriously disturbed people can be triggered by these same technologies. David Koresh (Waco) and Martin Bryant (Port Arthur) were subjected to neurophone harassment and other agency prodding. Again, no spies were involved physically but gun control policies and the need for the existence of the agencies themselves seemed to be amongst the agencies’ motives. Those who understand this realise how our public heroes are often the villains who provoke these people in the first place. The dead villains are therefore often also victims themselves, despite their actual criminal or insane mentalities.


Computer/”human brain cell” interfacing has already been taken to levels that few people appreciate. US Military contractors are at least twenty-five years ahead of academics and their publicly lauded advances. Again, secrecy provisions etc. keep people in the dark. Today’s experiments in remotely controlling humans continue with the accompanying crimes against humanity. You won’t hear about these publicly for at least thirty years, if at all. Cloning, single sex conception, microchipped warriors, and its all possible right now. The prospect of an army of clones, born from a nest of synthetic uteruses and microchipped by Big Brother, to protect the ruling class from an increasingly suspicious and oppressed world citizenry, looms as more than a sci-fi movie scenario. In fact our storytellers are often using their inside information of “Real” advances to present fantasies which are no more bizarre then reality. For now, the targets remain the helpless and those opposing criminal practices; whistleblowers, troublemakers, do-gooders and the like. And they have no one to turn to for help.

Also worth mentioning is the real concern that if the ECHELON satellite system allows every telecommunication to be monitored right now, how long before the brain scanning technologies can be similarly applied? Remembering that the USA, Israel etc have super computers with capabilities four million times that of a human mind. How many would they need to monitor the entire world? Also, how long before every newborn child is microchipped as suggested by NATO’s John Alexander. With microchipping they could control everyone as well? Microchipping for security, identification purposes is only the trick to sell the idea. Think about the other possibilities, the subliminals, the pain, the terminations etc.
Also, while reading the attached schedules of patents ask yourself how different the world would be if just a few of the simpler satellite-based surveillance technologies were made available to honest law enforcers. Instead, dishonest politicians, agency officials and other media/”business” contracts access all these technologies through defence and other connections. They then use them against those who try (in vain) to expose their crimes.

Ill conclude with a quote from Dr Jose Delgado, ex-director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School. “We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be mutilated. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain” (US Congressional Recorder No.26 vol 118, 24/2/74) Such insanity speaks for itself.

Again, are your thoughts still your own or have they already conditioned you? You may consider that you’re immune because you never speak out on any topic but if those who try to speak up on your behalf are silenced (using technology) and if your only sources of information are media/politically based you are still a victim. So, PLEASE THINK FOR YOURSELF.


(Judy Wall, Resonance)
A listing of various technologies available that can be combined for use in direct or subliminal mind control systems. Please note that these are mainly private inventions intended for positive uses, but could be applied for negative purposes as well. We have no idea what the government may have in classified research. However, it is known that many of these technologies are now satellite based.

  • Silent Subliminal Presentation System. US Patent #5,159,703 Oliver Lowry, October 27, 1992. A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude modulated with the desire intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain.
  • Hearing System. US Patent #4,877,027 Wayne Brunkan, October 31, 1989. A method for directly inducing sound into the head of a person using microwaves in the range of 100 MHz to 10,000 MHz, modulated with a waveform of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of 10 to 20 uniformly spaced pulses tightly grouped together; burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds; pulse width between 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.
  • Psycho-Acoustic Projector. US Patent #3,566,347, Andrew Flanders, February 23, 1971. A system for producing aural psychological disturbances and partial deafness of the enemy during combat situations.
  • Noise Generator and Transmitter. US Patent #4,034,741, Guy Adams and Jesse Carden Jnr, July 12, 1977. An analgesic noise generator.
  • Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress. US Patent #5,562,597, Robert Van Dick, October 8, 1996. Physiological stress in a human is treated by generating a weak electromagnetic field about a quartz crystal. The subject is positioned in the EM field for a period of time sufficient to reduce stress (Recall the Russian LIDA patent: by reducing stress, subjects become more vulnerable to hypnosis).
  • Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress. US Patent #5,480,374. Robert Van Dick, January 2,1996. Similar to above, a weak electromagnetic field is generated around a grounded electrode.
  • Method and System for Altering Consciousness. US Patent #5,123,899. James Gall, June 23, 1992. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involving the use of simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferably sounds, having differing frequencies.
  • Method and System for Altering Consciousness. US Patent #5,123,438. James Gall, February 22, 1994. Similar to above.
  • Subliminal Message Generator. US Patent #5,270,800, Robert Sweet. December 14, 1993. A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver permits complete control of subliminal messages and their presentation. Also applicable to cable television and computers.
  • Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages. US Patent #5,134,484. Joseph Wilson, July 28, 1992. Data to be displayed is combined with a composite video signal, data read out to determine the frame sync pulses of the video signal, location of data display within the video image etc. Data may be displayed as a subliminal message, may be derived from pre-recorded or live signal.
  • Method of Changing a Person’s Behaviour. US Patent #4,717,343. Alan Densky, January 5, 1988. A method of conditioning a person’s unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the persons behaviour which does not require the services of a trained therapist. The person to be treated views a program of a video pictures appearing on a screen. The program as viewed by the person’s unconscious mind acts to condition the person’s thought patterns in a manner, which alters that person’s behaviour.
  • Sound Recording System. US Patent #4,141,344. Louis Barbara, February 27, 1979. In recording an audio program, such as music or voice, on a magnetic tape recorder, an AC signal generator operating at a frequency below 14 Hz provides an A.C baseline for the audio program signal. This 14 Hz or lower signal is sensed by the listener’s ear to create an Alpha or Theta state in the brain when the tape is played back.
  • Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method. US Patent #4,395,600. Rene Lundy and David Tyler, July 26, 1983. An amplitude controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music.
  • Auditory Subliminal Programming System. US Patent #4,777,529. Richard Schultz and Raymond Dolejs, October 11, 1988. An auditory subliminal programming system includes a subliminal message encoder that generates fixed frequency security tones and combines them with a subliminal message signal to produce an encoded message signal which is recorded on audio tape or the like. The decoder/mixer filters the security tones, if present, from the subliminal message and combines the message signals with selected low frequency signals associated with enhanced relaxation and concentration to produce a composite auditory subliminal signal.
  • Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave. US Patent 34,834,701. Kazumi Masaki, May 30, 1989. Frequency reduction in human brain wave is inducible by allowing human brain to perceive 4-16 Hz beat sound. Such beat sound can easily be produced with an apparatus, comprising at least one sound source generating a set of low frequency signals different from each other in frequency by 4-16 Hz. Electroencephalographic study revealed that the beat sound is effective to reduce beta-rhythm into alpha-rhythm, as well as to retain alpha-rhythm.
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  • A computer program to read your thoughts : Computer program to interpret EEG patterns that correspond to words, developed by Dr Donald York and Dr Thomas Jensen, University of Missouri.
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  • Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms. US Patent #3,647,970. G.Patrick Flanagan. March 7, 1972. A complex speech waveform is simplified so that it can be transmitted directly through earth or water as a waveform and understood directly or after amplification. An upgraded form of the above patient. Uses transistors.
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  • See also US Patents No. #6,366,272 ; #5,742,748 ; # 5,734,373 ; # 5,850,352 ; # 6,057,846 ; 6,169, 540
  • Again, devices covered by secrecy provisions (“classified”) are not listed here. Many are now satellite based and, despite stated purposes, are deployed to use against the law abiding citizens of ostensibly free states.

    Where To Get Advice & Support?

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    • The UN … in particular UNIDIR (THE UN INSTITUTE FOR DISARMAMENT RESEARCH, unidir@unog.ch) which now officially recognizes non-lethal/mind control weapons and recommends their removal. (The Human Rights Committee should also help but are slow to react).
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    • The Torture Prevention Society – tortureprevention@yahoo.com
      The public is unaware that classified technologies are available that allow “Voices” to be directed at targets. The CIA and NSA are the main culprits but private defense contractors also have the technology and organised crime has access. By concealing this information from the public psychiatrists can be used to label ALL those who are hearing “voices” as schizo’ when many are simply agency victims. Because every so often the agencies manage to “trigger” a violent target to commit some Manchurian Candidate type crime (to highlight the need for gun control, privacy invasions or to discredit the 99% of targets who never react badly) those so targeted can be further isolated…afraid to tell of their suffering lest someone claims that they too are mad and/ or potentially violent. This also provides public figures that know with another conscience – salving excuse for failing to genuinely help victims of agency oppression.

      The following is a brief list of criminals known / suspected to have been “triggered” by agencies using Neurophones…They were all told by “God” or “Aliens” or “spirits” to comit their crimes but, in reality, it was always agency trickery; to force a tragic event that they could then use. All of the following committed (or assisted in ) heinous crimes but those agents “triggering” them are also guilty yet remain above the law.
      * Timothy McVeigh Executed Oklahoma city bomber.
      * David Koresh Killed at Waco siege massacre.
      * Mark Chapman Imprisoned murderer of John Lennon.
      * Martin Bryant Imprisoned Port Arthur massacre patsy.
      * James Holmes Denver “Batman premier” killer.
      * Peter Schneidas Deceased murderer.
      * Anthony Waterlow Institutionalised killer.
      * Cho Seung-Hui Deceased Virginia Tech’ killer.
      * Jared Loughner Shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
      * William Matheson Imprisoned “Body in the bag” killer.
      * Otty Sanchez Imprisoned for murdering her baby.
      * Aaron Alexis Shot dead after US Navy yard massacre.
      * Craig James Grant Institutionalised murderer of girlfriend and her lover.
      * Todd William Devaney Ex kick boxer ..killed girlfriend.
      * Ivan Milat Back packer murderer; tried to cut own hand on instruction from “voice”.
      * Harold Neal Singleton Jailed for stabbing of Nurse.
      * Vince Weiguang Li Beheading on bus.
      * Mark Collier Imprisoned.
      * Charles McCoy Jnr On death row for Murder.
      * Tommy Zethraeus etc Imprisoned for Sture plan massacre.

      Many other mass murderers were no doubt similarly “triggered” but the details aren’t always made public.

      Many others whose names are known to the general public either harmed themselves or are suspected of having been influenced by agency neurophone harassers to commit non lethal crimes. ]

    PAUL BAIRD – p.baird@surveillanceissues.com
    AND THE WEBSITE www.surveillanceissues.com

    Psychiatry vs The Truth


    Since human history began people in positions of influence have been deriding those expressing views different from their own. The simple and time-honoured defence of “you’re mad”, used by every villain since Cain, has been refined and bolstered by the arrival of the newest and most inexact of the sciences: Psychiatry. And which villains does that serve today? Who makes the rules? Who writes the texts? These matters will be the subject of this article.

    In the middle ages “witches” were locked up or murdered. As recently as the early 20th century unfaithful husbands put their menopausal wives in asylums and so on. Today, thanks to “text”-absorbing psychiatry graduates, any unruly children, (sugared up and with inadequate parenting and teaching influences), can be labelled as ADHD sufferers and placed on Ritalin. Genuine whistleblowers or targeted victims of crime can be labelled as paranoid. Those living in volatile circumstances where extremes in emotion are displayed can be labelled bipolar. The list goes on. In each instance what’s really going on may well be genuine mental illness, caused by a chemical imbalance or injury, but it may also be evidence of crime, political targeting, normal mood swings in difficult circumstances, natural defences or reactions to extraordinary pressures or any number of other things. By failing to look honestly at any other explanations psychiatrists effectively become guns for hire; discrediting the innocent to help protect the guilty. In the same way that lawyers and other “experts” go with the flow of money, which invariably favours wealthy criminals, psychiatrists can provide protection for the accused by discrediting their accusors. I suggest that if voodoo, tarot card or tea leaf reading or even blood letting were to produce the same results for the Powers That Be (PTB) that they would also elevate those to the professional level.


    Dr Allen Frances, who had a central role in drafting the psychiatric bible, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), has said publicly that because there is no accurate, scientific test available to discern any supposed psychiatric illness in a laboratory or anywhere else that none of the listed conditions actually exist in reality. That piece of total honesty has conveniently been kept from the public because of the control and money generated through all aspects of the “profession”. To be blunt, the inexact science of psychiatry relies on psychobabble. So what if the disempowered victims of false labelling were to turn the tables on the wealthy criminals protected by it and invent their own DSM; their own bogus new science…You could start with accepted labels like megalomania, despotism, God complex, superiority complex, delusions of grandeur, egomania, paranoia and so on and then invent some yourself (as a self – proclaimed expert); eg power psychosis, sadist syndrome, compulsive oppressive disorder, deception denial, control syndrome and other suitable grand – sounding bits of nonsense. It would all be just as invalid as the DSM list but without the support that big money brings.


    Basically, psychiatry survives because it’s a tool of oppression. Comfortable elitists harass and abuse others then label them as nuts if they speak out or react. Covertly tormented people can exhibit naturally confused or sad or angry responses only to have that all deliberately misinterpreted by psych’ professionals who deny that the person could be a victim of crime (because the wealthy people paying them simply don’t do such terrible things) and therefore list them as psychologically damaged. OK, some may be genuinely ill but not all..yet the “experts” refuse to accept that…Some refuse to accept it because they’re corrupt (for hire), some because they’re ignorant (of technology, crime, politics etc), some because their ego tells them they know everything. I mean, for starters the profession itself attracts many who wish to control others and therefore have closed minds when it comes to other disciplines. As with the law, you only get the truth / justice you can afford from the psychiatric profession.

    So what is the truth? The truth is that governments and corporations often conspire to get what they want and can and will do terrible things to people then cover it up. They carry out covert activities using spies and other criminals; they run conspiracies of silence on major matters like war, terrorism, trafficking, pedophile rings and so on; they spread misinformation on disease, economics, even their own trustworthiness…Take for example US Executive Order 13526. That order states that you cannot classify (hide) information from the public merely to cover up a crime. Now, as with statute book laws like “conspiracy to commit a felony” etc, the mere existence of such an order is an admission that such things occur but the psychiatric profession is in denial. Or, for those few who may not be in total denial of what happens in the real world, they simply won’t accept that that’s the situation for any given individual; like the man who believes in cancer and car accidents but doesn’t believe any of it can happen to him or anyone he meets.

    An example of a “classified” truth is the Neurophone technology the US government has used since 1959. This has been used by spies, soldiers in Iraq and numerous others. Basically it allows you to transmit your voice directly to a target’s brain, by-passing their hearing organs and avoiding the chance that anyone else can hear you. Now the DSM says that if you’re the only one hearing a voice then you’re a schizophrenic (a term invented by agency psychiatrists in the first place). As a result members of the spy trade and connected crime syndicates can make any target “appear” mad by firing neurophone signals at them. They use it often. Dr Fred Bell, g.g.g’son of the inventor of the telephone, was actually murdered by US agents for trying to go public with this information. Now, will the psychiatric profession listen and check first that those hearing voices aren’t government targets? No. Because they’re opposed to the ugly truth and want the control and recompense that’s fed to them partially by the agencies that do such things. If hundreds of neurologists. political aides, spies, journalists and scientists can admit to me that they know all about the neurophone and it’s use to discredit activists, whistleblowers and writers then why is it so hard to convince most psychiatrists… They are also victims of misinformation and censorchip as National Security laws prevent text writers from including information on inventions like the neurophone in their books but that in itself is not an excuse.


    An example of how psychiatry is being used by the PTB is a recently publicised study in England that said 90% of all citizens had suffered from depression at some time in their life and were all, therefore, labelled as having a history of mental illness; to be discredited, disbelieved at any convenient time by the PTB. So we can forget natural mood swings, grieving, sadness, disappointment… no… it’s all clinically diagnosed depression and everyone needs help, medication and adjustment. What a load of rubbish.

    And every time someone witnesses an act of violence, is a victim of crime, is traumatised at work, is called a name by a bully or blows their nose too hard they need counselling…? It’s all about control and making money…for them and those they work for or with; including pharmaceutical companies.


    After WWII German scientists were recruited by NASA. Most people know that. What people don’t know is that just as many scientists were recruited by other US agencies to carry on their brain research…Twin studies, mind control etc. The US Inventions Secrecy Act hides the terrible devices they use; neurophones, brain wave scanners, psychotronic and directed energy weaponry. Agency psychiatrists not only take part and cover for this by discrediting victims but others actually amend the DSM to make the symtoms of targeting reflect mental illness so that their targets (close or remote) will not be believed. They also provide detailed advice on how to torment individuals, torture them and run experiments… They effectivley facilitate psychological class warfare.

    Remote experiments, utilising satellite and computer technologies far beyond what the public knows about, also allow research into robotics, cloning, dream studies, mind control, synthetic brain production and more. The scientists at DARPA, The NSA’s Fort Meade complex, The CIA’s Langley Research Centre and defence contractors premises are all involved. Lobotomies on institutionalised individuals are nothing compared to the access to the human mind they get through these programs. Even human thought processes can be studied through the use of computers enhanced with complete brain wave vocabulary software. How many civilian psychiatrists even want to know that.


    An intricate example of how psychiatrists can be used to remove all criticism for powerful criminals is the harassment of whistleblowers, activists and writers through the remote monitoring / harassment programs run by the CIA, NSA etc. Some of this has emerged in the MSM recently thanks to the revelations of NSA whistleblowers. Now how it works is that one group harasses targets while another ignores the harassment and pretends the targets’ reactions to that harassment are evidence of mental illness. So, if someone hearing voices (generated by agents using neurophones) can be misdiagnosed directly (or even remotely by corrupt agency psychiatrists) as being schizophrenic then they can tell themselves the predisposement, the genetic link, must be broken so those targets must be prevented from procreating. The real result is that the number of people challenging government / corporate lies falls and the truth seekers (not genuine schizophrenics) in our society are wiped out. EG. The mere stress levels associated with 24/7 agency monitoring and harassment have prevented all but one of the 10,000 agency targets that have come to me for help from having children once the harassment started. The genes that make them the type to stand up to evil will now disappear.


    Perversion of the course of justice is also common. Many criminal trials in particular come own to evidence provide by psych’ experts. If, talking of the accused, one expert says he’s mad and the other says he’s not how can both be competent or trustworthy. At least one of them must be incompetnet or a gun for hire. Like lawyers, they dispense with the truth for the sake of a result, their careers, wealth and ego.


    Large drug manufacturers profit from the prescribing of Prozac, Ritalin, antidepressants etc. Once on such medication people have a “history” that discredits them. If also in a facility they may never function mentally again. Drugs, of any sort, are about control and money and there’s more money in treatment than cure and more still in imagined / created conditions than actual ones. The promotion of the profession though the control of celebrities is also very damaging.


    Although I have personally only had one brief run in with a corrupt psychiatrist many of the thousands of innocents that have come to me for help/advice have had many such encounters; many even being wrongfully committed for a time…to discredit them. Along with the stigma, frustration, emotional and financial hardship that pschiatrists can deliver to normal, sane people who are victims of crime there is the overriding control factor; control of opinions, perceptions, thoughts, ideas… The message being to think as the PTB do, do as they do, be as they are or else be branded as somehow mentally deficient…in need of adjustment.

    What ever happened to the Voltaire notion of disapproving of what is said yet defending to the death the speaker / writer’s right to their express opinion. I guess if you’re a wealthy criminal lying to the entire world about serious concerns you can’t afford the truth to get out…Enter psychiatry. It’s a bogus profession “for hire”; a tool of oppression. Above political correctness or defamation laws psychiatry is almost as effective a cover for powerful criminals as the National Security laws governments use to hide their crimes. Psychiatry in today’s world is about as far from the truth as you can get.

    Whether it be in court rooms, professional offices, government facilities or elsewhere psychiatrists are an unnecessary and negative influence in too many instances for my liking. They discredit victims of crime, they prescribe drugs for maladies that don’t really exist, they assist in programs that the public would never condone (if they knew) and so on. Fear of labelling by the profession, celebrity endorsement and the distractions and preoccupations presented to the general public keep the truth at bay to the point that many no longer care what the truth really is. Meanwhile, those that do care are being gradually wiped out. The truth itself is all but dead and psychiatry is helping to kill it.