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Illegal Experimentation on Humans

Proof of Anti Personnel Technologies Developed through Illegal Experimentation on Human Targets By Paul Baird Exposure. Vol5. No4. 1998. pp 34-35 These technologies were tested (involuntarily) on civilian personnel using remote satellite tracking and over-the-horizon technologies. Today they are also used by covert government agencies to oppress political targets. (It is a strong possibility that […]

Censoring The Truth (RIP Democracy)

By Paul Baird “Hard Evidence” Vol 7. No 4. pp 46-55 Click here to read the article (PDF File Download) INTRODUCTION This article contains discussion of genuine human/democratic rights and civil liberties abuses with a focus on the restrictions to justice and individual freedom occurring whenever and wherever the truth is suppressed. Firstly, it must […]

Minority Rules

“Hard Evidence” Vol 6, No 4, pp 29-33, 2006. INTRODUCTION It has become a standard cliché to declare that, on most matters and in most respects, the majority rules. However, after studying the influence and power held by those within certain minority groups you begin to understand that society is, in fact, not ruled by […]

Nazis of the New World Order

Big Brother in the 21st Century by Paul Baird Exposure Vol 7 #2 May-June 2000 pp 32-34 INTRODUCTION Most people are aware of the vast computer databases kept by government departments, covert agencies and corporate entities. Many know that DNA databases, retina scans, handprint scans and such are becoming more commonplace. However, few know of […]

Social Engineering – Crimes Against Humanity

By Paul Baird “Hard Evidence” pp25-32, Vol 2, No 1, 2002 INTRODUCTION For as long as there have been leaders running our world communities there have been formalised processes designed to encourage conformity, even subservience. Whether they be religious, legal, political or peer group leaders, even glorified role models, it is all the same…with respect […]

Where To Get Advice & Support?

Geral W. Sosbee, ex FBI, gososbee@gmail.com Association Against the Abuse of Psychological Weapons, www.psychologicaltorture.de.41/home.htm MIND JUSTICE NEWS GROUPCONTACT – ALLEN BARKER alb@datafilter.com MIND JUSTICE FORMALLY CAHRA (CITIZENS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE)CONTACT – CHERYL WELSH welsh@dcn.davis.ca.us OR welsh@mindjustice.orgNOTE: THEY ALSO RUN VICTIMS STORIES ON THE INTERNET – SEE MIND CONTROL FORUMwww.mk.net/~mcf/victim-hm.htm THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, GENEVA. […]

Psychiatry vs The Truth

INTRODUCTION Since human history began people in positions of influence have been deriding those expressing views different from their own. The simple and time-honoured defence of “you’re mad”, used by every villain since Cain, has been refined and bolstered by the arrival of the newest and most inexact of the sciences: Psychiatry. And which villains […]