Censoring The Truth (RIP Democracy)

By Paul Baird
“Hard Evidence” Vol 7. No 4. pp 46-55
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This article contains discussion of genuine human/democratic rights and civil liberties abuses with a focus on the restrictions to justice and individual freedom occurring whenever and wherever the truth is suppressed.

Firstly, it must be said that because influential criminals do control not only the bulk of the worlds wealth but also the more effective methods of information transfer (and personal expression) it is possible for them to severely limit peoples choices through censorship of the truth. For example, if a defence department (or one of its contractors) wants to develop an invention with a military application they get the government to place a secrecy order on it thereby gaining exclusive development rights and preventing the public from speculating on how it could be misused. Anyone attempting to expose the truth will then be covertly victimised, maybe even institutionalized. Also, to silence any wealthy/influential members of the community who may have an attack of conscience over the matter they use national security legislation, defamation laws, threats of scandals etc. It’s all very neat, tight and totally undemocratic, allowing well-placed villains to dictate to us all. In fact secrecy orders are there to help governments to hide their crimes.

Another example relates to vital information connecting MP’s with vested interest groups (affiliations, contributions, secret deals and so on). As a result the public is frequently hoodwinked by politicians and those that direct them. Accordingly, the voting, lobbying and protesting decisions that people make are often badly skewed because they are not in possession of all the facts. So, instead of governments being truly open and representative of the general population they usually reflect elitist attitudes on how society should be run and make decisions that favour the influential few. The rest of us are patronized with rhetoric and lies, being expected to trust people who are clearly not worthy of our trust. The systems of accountability (including the media) are inadequate and corrupt. MP’s don’t represent the people just because they’re from the people, yet they should represent their views and ideals. Unfortunately democracy (government by the people) has become a remote notion not based in reality. It’s only talk. Equally, the media don’t inform the public or represent community standards on many issues; instead they harass and ostracise those that do; (refusing to even confront them lest their consciences be threatened by the truth). The barrier is placed there by agencies.

Our best solutions lie with our willingness to be open to the absolute truth and our demands that it be given to us. Only total disclosure will suffice as those entrusted with power are usually untrustworthy; abusing authority, opportunity and ability to make secret matters that belong in the public domain.

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