Psychiatry vs The Truth


Since human history began people in positions of influence have been deriding those expressing views different from their own. The simple and time-honoured defence of “you’re mad”, used by every villain since Cain, has been refined and bolstered by the arrival of the newest and most inexact of the sciences: Psychiatry. And which villains does that serve today? Who makes the rules? Who writes the texts? These matters will be the subject of this article.

In the middle ages “witches” were locked up or murdered. As recently as the early 20th century unfaithful husbands put their menopausal wives in asylums and so on. Today, thanks to “text”-absorbing psychiatry graduates, any unruly children, (sugared up and with inadequate parenting and teaching influences), can be labelled as ADHD sufferers and placed on Ritalin. Genuine whistleblowers or targeted victims of crime can be labelled as paranoid. Those living in volatile circumstances where extremes in emotion are displayed can be labelled bipolar. The list goes on. In each instance what’s really going on may well be genuine mental illness, caused by a chemical imbalance or injury, but it may also be evidence of crime, political targeting, normal mood swings in difficult circumstances, natural defences or reactions to extraordinary pressures or any number of other things. By failing to look honestly at any other explanations psychiatrists effectively become guns for hire; discrediting the innocent to help protect the guilty. In the same way that lawyers and other “experts” go with the flow of money, which invariably favours wealthy criminals, psychiatrists can provide protection for the accused by discrediting their accusors. I suggest that if voodoo, tarot card or tea leaf reading or even blood letting were to produce the same results for the Powers That Be (PTB) that they would also elevate those to the professional level.


Dr Allen Frances, who had a central role in drafting the psychiatric bible, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), has said publicly that because there is no accurate, scientific test available to discern any supposed psychiatric illness in a laboratory or anywhere else that none of the listed conditions actually exist in reality. That piece of total honesty has conveniently been kept from the public because of the control and money generated through all aspects of the “profession”. To be blunt, the inexact science of psychiatry relies on psychobabble. So what if the disempowered victims of false labelling were to turn the tables on the wealthy criminals protected by it and invent their own DSM; their own bogus new science…You could start with accepted labels like megalomania, despotism, God complex, superiority complex, delusions of grandeur, egomania, paranoia and so on and then invent some yourself (as a self – proclaimed expert); eg power psychosis, sadist syndrome, compulsive oppressive disorder, deception denial, control syndrome and other suitable grand – sounding bits of nonsense. It would all be just as invalid as the DSM list but without the support that big money brings.

The simple fact that there is so much material on line written by honest, qualified psych' professionals which claims that sociopaths and psychopaths gravitate to positions of authority and power should be enough evidence for those doubting any of this. The world is, in fact, run by leaders (political, military, business etc) that fit the profile of dangerous, uncaring, controlling madmen.


Basically, psychiatry survives because it’s a tool of oppression. Comfortable elitists harass and abuse others then label them as nuts if they speak out or react. Covertly tormented people can exhibit naturally confused or sad or angry responses only to have that all deliberately misinterpreted by psych’ professionals who deny that the person could be a victim of crime (because the wealthy people paying them simply don’t do such terrible things) and therefore list them as psychologically damaged. OK, some may be genuinely ill but not all..yet the “experts” refuse to accept that…Some refuse to accept it because they’re corrupt (for hire), some because they’re ignorant (of technology, crime, politics etc), some because their ego tells them they know everything. I mean, for starters the profession itself attracts many who wish to control others and therefore have closed minds when it comes to other disciplines. As with the law, you only get the truth / justice you can afford from the psychiatric profession.

So what is the truth? The truth is that governments and corporations often conspire to get what they want and can and will do terrible things to people then cover it up. They carry out covert activities using spies and other criminals; they run conspiracies of silence on major matters like war, terrorism, trafficking, pedophile rings and so on; they spread misinformation on disease, economics, even their own trustworthiness…Take for example US Executive Order 13526. That order states that you cannot classify (hide) information from the public merely to cover up a crime. Now, as with statute book laws like “conspiracy to commit a felony” etc, the mere existence of such an order is an admission that such things occur but the psychiatric profession is in denial. Or, for those few who may not be in total denial of what happens in the real world, they simply won’t accept that that’s the situation for any given individual; like the man who believes in cancer and car accidents but doesn’t believe any of it can happen to him or anyone he meets.

An example of a “classified” truth is the Neurophone technology the US government has used since 1959. This has been used by spies, soldiers in Iraq and numerous others. Basically it allows you to transmit your voice directly to a target’s brain, by-passing their hearing organs and avoiding the chance that anyone else can hear you. Now the DSM says that if you’re the only one hearing a voice then you’re a schizophrenic (a term invented by agency psychiatrists in the first place). As a result members of the spy trade and connected crime syndicates can make any target “appear” mad by firing neurophone signals at them. They use it often. Dr Fred Bell, g.g.g’son of the inventor of the telephone, was actually murdered by US agents for trying to go public with this information. Now, will the psychiatric profession listen and check first that those hearing voices aren’t government targets? No. Because they’re opposed to the ugly truth and want the control and recompense that’s fed to them partially by the agencies that do such things. If hundreds of neurologists. political aides, spies, journalists and scientists can admit to me that they know all about the neurophone and it’s use to discredit activists, whistleblowers and writers then why is it so hard to convince most psychiatrists… They are also victims of misinformation and censorchip as National Security laws prevent text writers from including information on inventions like the neurophone in their books but that in itself is not an excuse.


An example of how psychiatry is being used by the PTB is a recently publicised study in England that said 90% of all citizens had suffered from depression at some time in their life and were all, therefore, labelled as having a history of mental illness; to be discredited, disbelieved at any convenient time by the PTB. So we can forget natural mood swings, grieving, sadness, disappointment… no… it’s all clinically diagnosed depression and everyone needs help, medication and adjustment. What a load of rubbish.

And every time someone witnesses an act of violence, is a victim of crime, is traumatised at work, is called a name by a bully or blows their nose too hard they need counselling…? It’s all about control and making money…for them and those they work for or with; including pharmaceutical companies.


After WWII German scientists were recruited by NASA. Most people know that. What people don’t know is that just as many scientists were recruited by other US agencies to carry on their brain research…Twin studies, mind control etc. The US Inventions Secrecy Act hides the terrible devices they use; neurophones, brain wave scanners, psychotronic and directed energy weaponry. Agency psychiatrists not only take part and cover for this by discrediting victims but others actually amend the DSM to make the symtoms of targeting reflect mental illness so that their targets (close or remote) will not be believed. They also provide detailed advice on how to torment individuals, torture them and run experiments… They effectivley facilitate psychological class warfare.

Remote experiments, utilising satellite and computer technologies far beyond what the public knows about, also allow research into robotics, cloning, dream studies, mind control, synthetic brain production and more. The scientists at DARPA, The NSA’s Fort Meade complex, The CIA’s Langley Research Centre and defence contractors premises are all involved. Lobotomies on institutionalised individuals are nothing compared to the access to the human mind they get through these programs. Even human thought processes can be studied through the use of computers enhanced with complete brain wave vocabulary software. How many civilian psychiatrists even want to know that.


An intricate example of how psychiatrists can be used to remove all criticism for powerful criminals is the harassment of whistleblowers, activists and writers through the remote monitoring / harassment programs run by the CIA, NSA etc. Some of this has emerged in the MSM recently thanks to the revelations of NSA whistleblowers. Now how it works is that one group harasses targets while another ignores the harassment and pretends the targets’ reactions to that harassment are evidence of mental illness. So, if someone hearing voices (generated by agents using neurophones) can be misdiagnosed directly (or even remotely by corrupt agency psychiatrists) as being schizophrenic then they can tell themselves the predisposement, the genetic link, must be broken so those targets must be prevented from procreating. The real result is that the number of people challenging government / corporate lies falls and the truth seekers (not genuine schizophrenics) in our society are wiped out. EG. The mere stress levels associated with 24/7 agency monitoring and harassment have prevented all but one of the 15,000 agency targets that have come to me for help from having children once the harassment started. The genes that make them the type to stand up to evil will now disappear.

The fact is that US D.O.D. directive 5240.1.R saved 82013, Chapter 4, Procedure 13 states that the agencies may "Experiment on human subjects for intelligence purposes". By secretly (and with outrageous evil) branding all serious, knowledgeable, outspoken critics of gov't / corporate crime as threats to the security of the country they justify to themselves the remote monitoring, torture and manipulation of many whistleblowers, writers, activists etc. A big part of these "experiments" is linked to the work of CIA / NSA / DARPA geneticists who have identified cells carrying genes with certain traits, or rather a combination of traits, that indicate trouble for criminals in high places. Traits like curiosity, resilience, total candour, moral / intellectual courage and such. For those with the combinations they fear the geneticists work in with agency psychiatrists, remote monitoring technicians and others to formulate programs designed to isolate and breed out such traits. This is another reason these programs are protected and hidden. Few victims procreate once the stress of constant monitoring and harassment is applied and, by doing this, the shadow world government hopes to eliminate all who would question them. In this way they can do so without resorting to the public admission of their tyranny in supposedly democratic countries by applying the drag 'em out and jail / kill them methods of certain communist countries.

CIA stats say 60% of all citizens will now do almost anything for personal advantage or recompense. They want that figure at 100% asap. The 1% who still defy them are the targets of eugenics programs more evil than anything Dr Mengele applied to Jews in concentration / death camps. The difference is that this is a silent holocaust (invisible to the public) and the victims are in mobile, electronic concentration / death camps. All the public sees is that there are fewer and fewer people in public life that can be trusted or respected. By eliminating all obstacles to the promotion of the corrupt things will only get worse.


Perversion of the course of justice is also common. Many criminal trials in particular come own to evidence provide by psych’ experts. If, talking of the accused, one expert says he’s mad and the other says he’s not how can both be competent or trustworthy. At least one of them must be incompetnet or a gun for hire. Like lawyers, they dispense with the truth for the sake of a result, their careers, wealth and ego.


Large drug manufacturers profit from the prescribing of Prozac, Ritalin, antidepressants etc. Once on such medication people have a “history” that discredits them. If also in a facility they may never function mentally again. Drugs, of any sort, are about control and money and there’s more money in treatment than cure and more still in imagined / created conditions than actual ones. The promotion of the profession though the control of celebrities is also very damaging.


Although I have personally only had one brief run in with a corrupt psychiatrist many of the thousands of innocents that have come to me for help/advice have had many such encounters; many even being wrongfully committed for a time…to discredit them. Along with the stigma, frustration, emotional and financial hardship that pschiatrists can deliver to normal, sane people who are victims of crime there is the overriding control factor; control of opinions, perceptions, thoughts, ideas… The message being to think as the PTB do, do as they do, be as they are or else be branded as somehow mentally deficient…in need of adjustment.

What ever happened to the Voltaire notion of disapproving of what is said yet defending to the death the speaker / writer’s right to their express opinion. I guess if you’re a wealthy criminal lying to the entire world about serious concerns you can’t afford the truth to get out…Enter psychiatry. It’s a bogus profession “for hire”; a tool of oppression. Above political correctness or defamation laws psychiatry is almost as effective a cover for powerful criminals as the National Security laws governments use to hide their crimes. Psychiatry in today’s world is about as far from the truth as you can get.

Whether it be in court rooms, professional offices, government facilities or elsewhere psychiatrists are an unnecessary and negative influence in too many instances for my liking. They discredit victims of crime, they prescribe drugs for maladies that don’t really exist, they assist in programs that the public would never condone (if they knew) and so on. Fear of labelling by the profession, celebrity endorsement and the distractions and preoccupations presented to the general public keep the truth at bay to the point that many no longer care what the truth really is. Meanwhile, those that do care are being gradually wiped out. The truth itself is all but dead and psychiatry is helping to kill it.