Truth and Opinion


In the absence of absolute proof the truth can be dismissed as erroneous opinion by those who do not wish to accept it. This is why, on many crucial social and economic issues, people are not presented with all the facts before they form and express their opinions (eg misled voters). Yet others, who have the relevant information, often express false opinions based on corrupt vested interests (eg politicians). As a result there is an imbalance between truth and opinion which criminals foster. This allows for a minimal amount of real challenge / contradiction to their lucrative, criminal operations. By brainwashing the public into believing that everyone and everything presented publicly should be taken at face value and that those talking of conspiracies, lies and covert operations are paranoid powerful criminals escape detection and condemnation. The gullible are deceived and the few that know oppressed.


Liars and hypocrites disguise their deeds by twisting the facts. Criminals are the worst of these but since less than 5% of jailable offenders are actually apprehended most crime, especially that committed by wealthy, protected operators, goes undetected and unpunished.

In the case of governments,” National Security” is often quoted as a defence to calls for more open and accountable government. In this way the most hidden conspiracies, scams, oppressive techniques and technologies are concealed from the public. Whistleblowers and detractors who draw suspicion to such secrecy can be discredited in many ways; the simplest being to say they have no proof and are therefore mad. With covert attacks on such people orchestrated by the agencies and organised crime figures they are easily discredited and silenced. A current example is the treatment given to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He’s been treated like public enemy no 1 for releasing US diplomatic documents online. He’s been framed, harassed and disparaged by the media and their agency connections but I believe that this is primarily to discredit whistleblowers and reenforce protections for the flow of classified information. If our military and political leaders were totally trustworthy there’d be no concern but they’re not to be believed so the public needs greater access to the truth not less. Not surprisingly there’s little of great importance in what was “allowed”to be leaked by Wikileaks, only embarrassing commentary. If it was serious we would never have heard about it.


In my view anyone or anything that encourages one person to hurt another is wrong; immoral, criminal or both. In the case of used spies, entertainers, MPs and so on money is not the only reward / motivation. Anything that breaks down the character and integrity of the controllers puppets will work: drugs, celebrity, influence etc. Making these people believe that they are above the law and above the rest of us is step one.

In Western domocracies, where freedom of expression, privacy, dignity and more appear to present affluent citizens ( all of us) with the opportunity to help others, our criminal controllers need to also control our thinking. If we’re not distracted by self interest we might put pressure on them to do something too difficult to really help our poorer neighbours. Jesus Christ, whether you recognise him as God or just a great philosopher, had to be right when he said we should love our neighbours as ourselves. However, in this age of advanced transportation and communication, where it IS possible to feed, clothe, shelter and protect the whole world, we’re told that’s impossible by those who mock “The way, the truth and the life”because it’s not in their avaricious best interests to recognise Christ’s faultless call to care… Funny too how those guilty of the biggest crimes are the ones who see right and wrong as a “Grey area” whilst others just admit their mistakes.


Political leaders in Western democracies often criticise the human rights records of communist and third world countries, and rightly so. Today there’s a clear focus on Muslim countries and those run by hostile military regimes. However, while such countries imprison or kill those critical of their governments our supposed “free world” governments are really no better. The only difference is that with free speech and democracy operating as facades covert rumour spreading, blacklisting, surveillance and harassment are used to destroy such people without detection. Corrupt spies and organised crime figures organise this on behalf of power brokers who want to stifle discussion of the real reasons for wars, crime, poverty etc. They do this because they profit from these things one way or another and so want them to continue, at the expense of others. Their targets, those expressing views and truths that these people want suppressed, are treated like political prisoners in mobile concentration camps so the mistreatment cannot be proven; satellite surveillance and 24/7 harassment are the norm. So ,while criminals may freely offend, insult, mislead and corrupt others through their public puppets those disagreeing with them too openly can be robbed of their privacy, dignity, ideas, peace of mind and sometimes even their lives.


People on the world stage front for organised crime figures and members of secret societies as well as cooperating with corrupt agency personnel. They sell their souls and for them the old saying, “who do I have to kill” rings true because they’ll do almost anything for money or advantage. Some even willingly submit to subliminal influence and humiliation rather than turning on their puppeteers. With public adulation guaranteeing their influence they’re ideally placed to deceive us.

Example 1. Entertainers… Almost all take illegal drugs. That is not the major concern, though it’s less than good. The main worry is that drugs make them malleable and susceptible to criminal suggestions. Drugs are about control first and money second and it’s no surprise to learn that the agencies and organised crime figures are involved for both reasons. Entertainers are also exposed to underage groupies making them blackmailable as pedophiles. (There are many teachers jailed for this but few public figures are investigated. The reason is entertainers serve a far greater monetary and influential purpose). Add any financial wrongdoings, infidelities and so on and it’s easy to see how they are stopped from stepping out of line.

Example 2. Politicians and journalists…These present the world the way they want us to see it. As well as the problems mentioned above these mislead the public and betray them with their silence on many important matters. Add to this their criminal mistreatment of those who attempt to expose the truth.


Our democratic right to freedom of thought / expression has been warped for most and utterly destroyed for others. The silent majority may, for example, see more and more of a certain lifestyle portrayed publicly but rather than expressing their concerns they remain silent. For example, gay themes are constantly overrepresented , statistics inflated and experimentation promoted because acceptance is not enough for many homosexuals who control or work within the entertainment industry; they want lifestyle change from others. Those questioning this for religious or other reasons are covertly harassed; their rights removed by a criminal element.

The point is that in a democracy every citizen deserves the right to hold and express their own views without fear of repercussions from criminals hiding behind celebrity, authority, minority status or the political correctness that protects them from comment. The side that resorts to criminal conduct of any sort has, of course, lost the argument and is most likely wrong in opinion as well as action.

Also protecting criminals from accusations are today’s beefed up defamation laws. In truth, the only thing that should be censored is something actually inciting hatred and violence. For criminals to seek to stifle illustrative fictional texts and discussion of their criminal and anti-social conduct is ludicrous. Criminal conduct adversely affects the rest of the population that’s why there are laws and law enforcers. To try to bully critics of crime into silence with a “you’re not perfect, you dropped that gum wrapper” type defence is transparent nonsense.

In addition, bogus National Security laws are also an obvious attempt to hide military / agency crimes that the public should know about. Independent and untouchable investigative bodies should be able to ensure that the agencies, military, media and MPs speak the truth so that faith in authority can be restored. Most citizens have nothing at all to hide but it’s impossible to trust or respect anyone in authority that spies on you especially if they harass you with the results and insult you with their lies.


Fifty years ago (even twenty) if you claimed to believe in aliens, embraced homosexuality or were a self confessed atheist you’d be ridiculed (but hopefully not criminally attacked). Today, with belief in aliens reaching 80% in the US (thanks largely to NASA and Hollywood), with large sections of the mass media now owned and run by homosexuals (who favour / promote their own) and the arrogant “it’s all about ME” generation turning from God the situation is reversed. Because the wealthy and influential have initiated these changes those not sharing these “modern” views are often criminally harassed.

Again, the point is that regardless of the time frame or the popular view of the day everyone should feel confident and safe enough to express their honest and sincere views without fear of repercussions from criminals who seek to enforce their own views. Expressing a view is not a crime but to harass someone for their view IS a crime, casting doubt on the validity of the criminal’s opinions as well.

Censorship of opinions can also prevent any modification of views. Take for example the jailing of Gerd Honsik for denying the holocaust. Are the relevant authorities afraid that he may successfully alter views or are they claiming that he’s inciting hatred / violence? I don’t think that either is likely. My view is that people ought to be able to put forward whatever, idea, opinion, theory or whatever that they genuinely believe to be true. If you don’t like it or disagree you can ignore it… even tell others they should ignore it. Nevertheless, remember that conspiracies and lies abound in public life. When you say “you can’t hear him speak ” or “you can’t read that book” you raise curiosity and suspicion. It’s not only undemocratic to silence conspiracy theorists, it’s stupid. In fact, people should be able to stand in a public square and openly declare that the sky is down, it’s green and falling without criminal retribution or sanction.

By the way, given the growing skepticism about the official version of the 911 WTC disaster and the suggestion that the Mossad / CIA were involved is it any wonder that a few would also question the holocaust. Funny how mere mention of these organisations brings instant reprisal from the controlled mass media.


Most opinions and lifestyles are cyclical; constantly changing. Today’s fashion is tomorrow’s folly. Today’s morality is tomorrow’s immorality etc. Modern man is not always right or nothing would ever change. And mockery of older or newer ways and opinions doesn’t alter that it only accentuates the insecurity behind it all, whether the abuse be harmless and open or criminal and invasive.

Example 1. Today, 2010, tattoos and body piercing are extremely popular thanks largely to the mass media promotion of both. But what happens when fashions change and a significant no. of people (esp. women) want their body art totally removed… Hopefully by then effective technologies will exist to facilitate that.

Example 2. Homosexuals. I use this example again because it’s one where significant change has taken place over a very short period of time. Today they’ve been lured out of the closet by the very same media that not so long ago was oppressing them. But what happens when public opinion sways back and those people are no longer comfortable in full view. There should be no alteration in how the rest of us treat them but, for many, there would be.

Yet again, the point is that it’s not a free society in the past, present or future unless you can say that there are no negative consequences for holding a view or adopting a lifestyle AND there is no criminally applied pressure to be or think or act in one way or another, within the law. That also applies to those running new concepts or conspiracy theories especially as many, in time, are proven to be correct.

Example 1. Galileo was under house arrest until his death thanks to the ignorance and evil oppression of the church / government of his day. He was later vindicated but their small-minded fears had ruined his life. He certainly didn’t live in an enlightened, democratic environment but we’re supposed to and yet there’s little difference today in the cruelty meted out to those presenting new/old or counter cultural ideas. Even those looking at things from different perspectives can be hounded. If it offends powerful people who are prepared to react criminally then you will suffer.

Example 2. A more recent example is the mistreatment of those doubting the official version of the World Trade Centre disaster of 2001. Surveys show that even half the US population (the most brainwashed) don’t believe the gov’t/media on this one…Despite that we only get one version of events. Those saying too much can be harassed for it but anecdotal evidence from people who were actually there, including firemen, WTC staff and more, backs up what professional engineers and fire experts say: aviation fuel could not generate enough heat to melt the structures and cause the collapses. Instead explosives were placed (by someone) inside the buildings and detonated on cue. Witnesses confirm this and there’s even film of an explosion. Many believe that the Mossad or the CIA were involved; churning up sympathy for Israel and hatred for other middle east countries. Oddly enough Mossad backed security companies allowed the planes to be taken from the airports in the first place and now all travellers bear the brunt of lost rights and airport security checks because of this.

Again, to ask people to believe everything they’re told by unscrupulous public figures is unreasonable. We may not have all the facts but that’s part of why we doubt. To have those asking questions covertly attacked by so many is unthinkably evil. Many brave men and women fought and died in various wars and other conflicts (many unknown) to establish and preserve our basic rights to dignity, privacy, free speech and freedom. Given the way today’s community “leaders” behave when they’re out of public view you’d have to wonder if democracy is just a cloak for dagger-wielding criminals to hide behind. It should be an achievable system wherein equality is the central principle. However, with secret police and organised crime dictating to the rest of us I suggest that true democracy is badly in need of a renewal.


Many professionals (journalists, MPs, psychiatrists, spies, commentators and researchers) are more than willing to misrepresent their opinions in exchange for money or advantage.

Spy agency investigators and medical researchers are prime examples. If a powerful criminal wants a detractor harassed because their views/information may cost him money or embarrass him he can use corrupt agency officials to have that person listed as a subversive or a threat and see him/her covertly harassed. Agency officials have no interest in the truth; they’ll produce reports or harass people as instructed by their political/media/business connections. Equally, (for example), cigarette companies have been known to pay doctors to report that smoking isn’t harmful, psychiatrists have helped killers get off on insanity pleas and committed whistle-blowers for speaking the truth. Also, celebrities may endorse products, lifestyles or systems that they don’t even approve of. It’s all arrant nonsense and very transparent if you care to think about it. Money becomes the truth and the real truth often never surfaces because others are afraid to question the corrupt “opinions” of powerful, “learned” people. I suggest that for many who prostitute their views it’s all about power and learning has nothing to do with it except as a barrier to contradiction. Again, how can you trust anyone unless they’re prepared to speak/write the absolute truth regardless of the consequences.


All of this makes many afraid to express their opinions at all which is precisely what the criminals/bullies behind the scenes want. They freely exercise their rights but seek to stifle ours. It’s as if they believe they are above the rest of us and have an extra right; the right to evade scrutiny and criticism for their crimes The ones best protected are often the very ones who most deserve to be imprisoned. Instead they’re dictating trends, lifestyles, morality and more without fear of challenge. For most citizens fear of ridicule from those around them, who are influenced by public figures, is enough. For those pushing past that, to the stage where they are known to these criminals,remote emotional and psychological torture and harassment can be organised by gang stalkers including celebrities. These people will do, read, say whatever they’re told regardless of the source or the intended target. All involved in such practices are criminals.

As well as hiding behind celebrity and all that goes with it these criminals try to mirror guilt back onto the few who are not afraid to criticise their crimes. For example, imply that politicians are sending innocents to their death in unnecessary wars and they’ll call you unpatriotic (the flag being the last resort for any scoundrel). Accuse them of betraying the public with deception on serious matters like who and what is behind the drug trade, who’s really responsible for terrorism, poverty etc etc and they’ll accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist (though the world is run by conspirators). Try to blame them for any criminal or immoral influence and they’ll try to silence you with reference to any minor matter they think you may be guilty of. And I can say from experience that when they find nothing they’ll try to embarass you instead with constant, subtle surveillance feedback; oppressing you with surveillance and commentary.

None of this would survive public scrutiny but while it’s done covertly the culprits manage to tell themselves that they’re right and that their targets deserve to be attacked. It’s self deception that only the prince of lies could arrange.


The following are personal views, most of them stated in a banned book, for which I’ve been attacked covertly.

  • We are alone in the universe. This is unpopular with NASA etc because they use Hollywood and their own propaganda machine to boost funding. However, that funding is primarily (but secretly) devoted to satellite deployment which is aimed back at us from deep space; ie surveillance and harassment technologies use us… sometimes as guinea pigs.
  • There is no privacy. Because of the many satellites in geosynchronous orbit every word, action and thought can be monitored if they choose to do so. All public figures are monitored 24/7by the CIA/ NSA/ Military etc.
  • Those entering public life are corruptible and/or self -serving. Crimes like arms/drug/people trafficking aren’t properly dealt with because of this. Equally, they keep secret technologies from us as well as cures for diseases, inventions like frictionless engines etc.. and all to secure continued financial advantage for those who gain from the status quo. As a result people are mushroomed and progress stymied so that a few wealthy, megalomaniacal criminals can maintain control of everything as long as possible.
  • There are no coincidences, most events are stage managed. The air of vulnerability evident after events like 911 doesn’t really exist. Such events are orchestrated, provoked or allowed so as to justify war, resource grabs and security clampdowns which greatly diminish our rights and freedoms.
  • Those who “have” want even more, including that owned by the “have nots”. They have no genuine regard for those who have little, regarding them with disdain and suspicion… since they can’t be trusted themselves and cannot relate to honest people. They do not respect us or our rights and see us as inferior beings that they can mistreat as they wish. Accordingly they have no concern for how they offend others. If we return the favour they react criminally since they operate within a legal/moral vacuum.


The media and politicians have a moral and civic duty to tell the general public the full truth on matters like the middle east conflict(s), 911, satellite capabilities, political influence/pressure, the environment and crime. To do less is to serve corrupt, wealthy vested interests on the false assumption that might ($$) is always right. It is also a betrayal of trust and an abuse of position.

To silence critics and those searching for the truth through covert means is “master plan” mentality and a crime against humanity that even the worst dictator would baulk at.

I do not respect or trust the views of criminals on the topics in question (where full disclosure and accountability are absent). I object strenuously to such people telling us what to think and how to live.


My belief is that Life is God’s test and to pass you have to put others before yourself. Nothing that you achieve for yourself has any value except to the extent it allows you to help others. No-one has the right to misrepresent the truth publicly, to hurt others to silence them or to feather their own nest at the expense of others…


These days politicians, media personalities and other community leaders reference free speech, respect, dignity and so on by clearly exercising their own rights publicly and commanding attention in a sort of illustrative “you have this right too” manner. However, the sad fact is that (with the exception of staged tokenism to create a democratic veneer) only those sharing their views are allowed to be heard in public or tolerated in private. Those with opposing views are often silenced via covert criminal conduct which all in public life are aware of.

A lack of honesty and integrity permeates the ranks of our most visible citizens whilst insincere “world stage” acts cover this well. Many celebrities are actively involved in oppressing those speaking or writing the truth and they betray the general public in the process. Because of this covert and undemocratic oppression many truths are hidden,allowing for many false opinions to be foisted on an unsuspecting public. A series of diversionary discussions and distractions are paraded leading the public far from the truth. Mushroomed as they are most people have views that reflect the level of information, half truths and nonsense that they’re presented by the mass media. Those seeing through all of this are the ones criminally and covertly attacked.

This situation will only change if public figures have a change of heart and renounce their criminal ways. Failing that, the rest of us need to resume thinking for ourselves rather than lazily accepting the lies of the many criminals in public life.