TV References

Discovery Channel 19. Science Mysteries: Beyond the Truth: The Real Men in Black, Dandelion / Transmedia Corporation, 1998. Executive Producers. Bruce Burgess, Danny Fenton, U.K.
Content – Mind Control Experiments (eg. MKULTRA) and Manchurian candidates (programmed killers). Experiment examples include brainwashing, hypnosis, implants, neurophone voices and more.
Actual targets include ‘fall guys’ Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan and programmed killers John Chapman and Timothy McVeigh.

“Beyond Treason” –
Content – A 90 min. video highlighting government experiments on the military and civilian populations.

Others include cryptic reference to mind control or ‘voices’ in fictional programs e.g. “The 4400′, “Heroes’, “Hermans Head” etc.