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Advanced Surveillance / Harassment Technologies

EAVESDROPPING EQUIPMENT eg. Laser – facilitated listening devices (satellite or ground based – see “Technologies” page); rifle mikes; misused communications and military satellites. VISUAL MONITORING eg. Thermal imaging satellites; aircraft-based “monitors” (see “Technologies” page); weather satellites and “others”, many with dual (unpublicised) capabilities. SATELLITE/LASER HARASSMENT eg. Aural signals (voices/music/noise) heard by “targeted” individuals. eg. Visual […]

Advice for Victims

RE: AUDIO / VISUAL SURVEILLANCE The best approach is to ignore the feedback and lodge complaints with the political unit of the relevant Federal Police department. Unfortunately this sort of satellite monitoring is common and nothing can be done to stop it BUT complaints ensure physical safety. RE: NEUROPHONE HARASSMENT AND BRAIN WAVE MONITORING Thinking […]

Categories of Surveillance/Harassment Technologies

(Source – US Congress Office of Technology Assessment) Electronic Eavesdropping Technology – (Audio Surveillance) Radiating devices & receivers (e.g. miniature radio & ultrasonic transmitters) Non-radiating devices (eg wired surveillance systems including phone taps and concealed microphones) Tape recorders Laser-facilitated listening devices, rifle mikes and other “remote ” equipment (incl. satellites) N.B. Even phones can be […]

Using Surveillance Results – The Media

What Happens? Money is paid to (or by) corrupt agency officials or criminals in exchange for the surveillance material. Sometimes favours / goods are exchanged instead The recipients are usually media (mafia) executives, corporate criminals or political players. Also, direct monitoring of surveillance frequencies is arranged whereby corrupt media personnel monitor the audio (sometimes visual) […]

Truth and Opinion

INTRODUCTION In the absence of absolute proof the truth can be dismissed as erroneous opinion by those who do not wish to accept it. This is why, on many crucial social and economic issues, people are not presented with all the facts before they form and express their opinions (eg misled voters). Yet others, who […]

Conspiracies of Silence

2010, “Hard Evidence”,Vol 10, No 2, Mar/Apr ’10, pp 46- 51. Despite the stigma that’s been deliberately attached to the word “conspiracy” our modern world is, in fact, run by conspiracies of one sort of another. Some conspiracies are more benign than others but all of them involve undue secrecy and the presumption that those […]

Computer State

“Hard Evidence” Vol 6, No. 5, pp 44-51 There is no doubt that the global conquest which has been secretly carried out by the U.S based military/agency/corporate crime conglomerate would not have been possible without the vast capabilities of extremely advanced computer systems. Read the rest of the article (PDF file download)

Crimes of the Ruling Class

“Hard Evidence”, Vol 2, No 4, June 2002 pp 30-34 INTRODUCTION The myth that we live in a free country and within a fair, semi-ideal system has already been debunked. The truth is that in our capitalistic, money-driven world there remains a clear hierarchy: the ruling class and the underclasses. Unfortunately, in their efforts to […]

The Media Mafia

Hard Evidence. Vol 1. No.3 May-June 2001 Most people are aware that organised crime and covert Government agencies, especially in the USA, control large sections of the worldwide mass media. What they do not know is how they manage to do this so effectively. Government agencies like the CIA and N.S.A have access to defence-developed […]