Current Developments

Bob Boyce, inventor of a method of charging batteries with free energy, has had a verichip removed that was planted by an agency seeking to rob/destroy him. Another, Jesse Beltran, witnessed a police murder and was similarly chipped. His chip removal story was (oddly enough) covered by mainstream Fox News. I believe this was allowed to be publicised as a diversion from the fact that satellites are now responsible for most monitoring; no chips are necessary.
Jeff Warrick, of Ignite Productions, is currently working on a sequel to his documentary, “Programming The Nation”. The sequel with deal specifically with the covert mistreatment of those not “Programmed” by conventional methods; ie high tech’ targeting of whistleblowers, writers, activists who criticise wealthy criminals. Many activists and victims will appear in this film which will be posted on the internet to gain wider exposure than if it was run at cinemas.
Bill Lawless, activist and legal professional, is also making a film on corruption called “Lawless America” which will touch on our concerns.